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2dpo TWW anyone want to join?

Hi everyone!

I'm 2dpo today! 

Yesterday i was experiencing some discomfort with my nipples so hoping it's a good sign.

My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months now and have had 2 miscarriages. The last was 27th December. I've had a period since so getting back on track. This would be baby No2.

I used the clear blue digital ovulation test this cycle and I got a clear circle CD13,  the flashing face CD14 and a solid face CD15. Baby danced as much as we could. Used pre seed to see if that makes much difference.

The last time we were TTC I was taking aspirin (which I'm not now) but I began bleeding at 6 weeks and an early scan showed a large haematoma. It made me wonder if the aspirin was causing the blood collection so that's why I'm not taking it now!

It would be great if other people get involved in the thread. We can chat about our symptoms and support each other!

Hopefully this cycle will be full of BFPs!!

Baby dust to you all


Suzie xx



  • Hi Suzielulu, 

    this is my second month trying to conceive.. I had the Mirina coil removed in December.

    I have two children already boy-5 girl-3, so this will be our third! I have PCOS so not always 100% sure when I ovulate I think it’s different each month but I think I’m either right in the middle of it or its already Happened.. I was getting very very light cramps a couple of days ago and a little bit of spotting so I’m kind of thinking that was it so hopefully I’ve caught it 🤞🏻. I have done some opks but there always positive which I believe is due to my PCOS so I obviously can’t rely on those! But we know our own bodies so I just go by that. 

    I am so sorry to hear about your MC it’s so disheartening and it’s awful you had to experience that.. life can be so cruel sometimes! I Hope this is your month... it’s gonna happen sometime so stay positive! 

    Discomfort in your nipples is a very good sign... my boobs where my first sign with my last pregnancy and is usually the case for all! I don’t remember with my first as I didn’t know I was pregnant but I just NEW straight away with my second! 

    i haven’t really got any symtoms as of yet but hoping I will have 🤞🏻.

    lets hope you have started a lucky thread 😊

    jade xx 

  • Hi Jade!

    Let's hope this is our cycle then! My friend had PCOS and she has just found out she is 17 weeks as all the tests she took came  back BPN but the doctor told her PCOS can mess around with the hormones soni have everything crossed for you! 

    Yesterday I kept getting cramps in my right pelvis 🤞🤞

    I hate this TWW the not knowing kills me and especially when I keep symptom spittins! I tell myself every cycle not to symptom spot and not to do any tests but i always fail lol! I just cant help myself lol!!! 

    When is your AF due Jade? Do you get regular periods?


  • Morning hun, 

    AF is due 7th of March going by my ‘Flo app’ and it says I’m due to ovulate tomorrow! I’m almost certain I’ve already ovulated as I had the EWCM for a couple of days and light spotting and now my CM has dried up! I haven’t always been regular due to my PCOS but since I had my coil removed 17th December I have been regular so I’m hoping it continues for a good while. Before I had my children I could go a year with no period so any period is good for me 😊. When I was younger my mum wanted to throw me a ‘period party’ anytime it decided to show 🤣... that’s how irregular I was! 

    Great news on your friend... bet she is over the moon! when your told you have PCOS you do tend to give up hope but the fact she is pregnant is great 👍🏻.. I had two so it’s definitely worth keeping the faith!! 

    Cramps down 1 side is a good sign hun.. its sounding promising for you! Are your nipples still sore? When is your AF due? (Hopefully not for the next 9 months 🤞🏻). What’s your CM like if you don’t mind me asking??

    Yes this TWW is horrendous... feels more like a two month wait for sure. I also Symptom spot and tell myself not two... I think it’s so hard not to as your so desperately WANTING to feel the symtoms as we obviously want to be pregnant! 

    It will happen hun 😊xx 

  • Hi ladies!! 

    Mind if I join? I either ovulated yesterday or will do today. Hubby is out of town from last night until the weekend. We could only BD yesterday morning and Sunday so hoping that's enough for a little bean to stick.

    I'm 38, no other children this is the 3rd month ttc. Hoping I've not missed the boat. 

    Would be nice to be on a twwwith other ladies...

  • Hi Hopefulolderlass... 

    welcome! How do you know your ovulating? Do you use opks or just check for mucus? When is AF due?

    Well if your around ovulation and you DTD yesterday and Sunday then you have a very good chance.. as I’m sure your aware sperm lives upto 5 days so they will just be there waiting patiently for the egg to release.. although some can even take a couple of days to swim up to the cervix so fingers crossed for you hun 🤞🏻! 

    My app says I’m ovulating tomorrow but I’m 100% sure I have already ovulated as I had the EWCM a couple of days ago and I’m dry down there now so hoping I caught the egg too 🤞🏻. 

    This TWW is the worst most longest stint.. so definitely nice to share it with others that are going through what feel likes months, together lol.


  • Hey jadeybaby,

    Mostly through CM and my app. (I feel it was yesterday, as that's when the cramps etc were) but my app says today and I feel nothing, and I'm completely dry. Obviously. 

    I haven't tried the CPKs yet. I figure if this month is a fail, i'll add them next month regime

    Do you use them? 


  • Hopefulolderlass... 

    Well I have them and still do the odd few but there always positive for me as I have PCOS so it’s absolutely pointless me using them but still can’t help myself! 

    I go by my CM I think it’s the absolute best thing to follow for sure! I think we know our own bodies and we should trust ourselves 👍🏻. 

    Im currently 32 and I have two children ages 5 and 3... but I don’t remember any symptoms, just my last one that was very sore boobs and the smell of coffee and my husbands e-cigarette made me feel sick.. that’s it really lol! 

    Obviously more into the pregnancy I got all your usual symtoms but not a lot early on (TWW). I think we’re all so different so it’s nice to share how we are feeling etc. 

    I’m hoping this is a lucky thread and our eggs are being fertilised as we speak 😂🤞🏻!

    jade xx 

  • Hi ladies I’m 3dpo according to my app which is picked up from bbt chart, I had positive opks for 3days this cycle which was very unusual for me hoping that’s a good sign, we dtd a lot so hopefully we  are covered! We are desperate for a baby after mc late October x

  • Hi ladies!! 

    Welcome to the thread!

    Love that we are all going through the TWW together! So good for the support!

    Lauren AF is due in 10 days! We waited a cycle to start trying again after the MC in December. My CM was egg whitey a few days ago. I'm still having cramps in my pelvic but my nipples are not so sore now 😕. How are you feeling? 

    Hopefully this is our cycle ladies!! 

    Loz fingers crossed for a sticky bean for you!!! 

    We just need to not stress about it (easier said than done I know) and be positive! It will happen for us!!! 

    Let's hope this is a lucky thread Lauren 🤩🤩💖💖💖💖

  • Yes fingers crossed its a lucky one! 

    Last month was our first cycle trying again was so disspointed when af showed 2 days early :( 

    back to thinking positive this month though, I feel good had a few light cramps earlier, when I wipe I feel quite wet (sorry tmi) x

  • Hi can I join too? Think I ovulated today. I’m on cd13 and have had flashing smilies on the CB opk for 5 days, then decided on advice from another thread to test again this afternoon and got a solid smiley.

    Been checking CM but have not really seen the predictable pattern at all e.g. Had some of the EE stuff on Sunday but now it’s really runny and clear.

    Also been tracking temp but again not really seen the pattern others claim to be able to see, seems a bit all over the place but thinking it’s probably because I don’t sleep very well.

    Need to DTD tonight and tomorrow too if poss And make the most of our solid smiley. 

    Good luck To everyone on the 2ww, it draaaaags! This is our 2nd cycle ttc but had to wait 5 years before we could start as we were waiting for genome sequencing to be completed. It will be our first baby if successful and never been pregnant. 

    Baby dust as they say! 

  • Hi healthygenes! 

    Of course you can join! The more the merrier!

    How are you finding the CB digital OPK? I only had one day flashing face then solid the next day! Then a clear circle the day after! So not a long period of time! 

    This will be near into month 9 for us now TTC. We have had 2 MCs in this time the 1st around 5 weeks and the 2nd 7 weeks. It's so heartbreaking but our little boy would love a baby brother or sister 😍 and so would we! 

    I have no idea when it comes to BBT lol! I'm always boiling hot Haha!!! 

    Fingers crossed for these sticky beans!! 💖💖

  • Hi ladies,

    I'd like to join. Sometimes I don't get on this forum often enough to post a lot but i always catch up on the messages. Hopefully there will be plenty of BFPs in this chat.

    My period is due in a week.  Even though I know it's too early I took a cheap preg test and obviously negative. 

    I don't really symptom spot as i just think my symptoms are classic pre-period ones... currently i'm getting spotty and have sore boobs.

  • Hi girls! Welcome all... deffo hoping this is a lucky post for all 🤞🏻🤞🏻! 

    Suzielulu.. EWCM sounds promising... pains in breasts are also very early signs! It’s hard not to get your hopes up but I think until AF shows her ugly face then were all allowed 😊👍🏻. Fingers crossed hun 🤞🏻.

    Loz27... I’m sorry about your loss 😞, don’t give up hope... it will happen! Cramping is a great sign so fingers crossed for you too 🤞🏻. 

    Healthygenes1986... if you saw some EWCM then that’s a strong sign of ovulation and usually you are most fertile around 5-6 days during that time so you could of timed it right? Still keep going just in case.. usually after ovulation I dry up.. I do believe it can be different in some cases! Fingers crossed for you too 🤞🏻. 

    Sharon88.. yes I would have to agree and say it’s to early to test.. even though I’m exactly the same 😂.. it’s so hard not too I think we can all agree on that! Sore boobs and spots can be a good sign, it’s just frustrating cause they can also be signs of AF making its way (which sucks) but that goes for all pregnancy symptoms 😡! My fingers are tightly crossed for you too 🤞🏻. Let’s stay positive!!! 

    No symtoms for me yet but think I’m only 2-3 DPO! 

    Jade xx 

  • Sorry to hear about your MCs Suzie, fingers crossed for this month for you and all on this thread. I love the phrase sticky beans - lol! 

    You asked ahout rhe CB digital test. To be honest I’ve found it quite good the only thing is it seems like 5 days is quite a long time to have the flashing faces and it picked up my LH on an afternoon test when the instructions say to use FMU, so a bit confusing there.

    Also as it’s the first time I’ve really done this I’m not sure what to do for the rest of the month, presumably you can’t really get pregnant after the solid smiley has gone so would just be a waste of sticks to keep going? 

    Symptoms wise I have had light cramping/ general sensitivity today and yesterday in pelvic area so presumably that’s ovulation. Bring in the tww, we will get through this together! So glad I joined this forum lol. 

  • Ah ladies, what a nice thread to be a part of.

    Suzie, sorry for your loss. Hopefully your rainbow baby is just around the corner.

    My AF is due on 4 March, so ages to wait until I can test and no signs yet.


  • Morning girls! 

    My AF isn’t due until the 7th (according to my app) but they was wrong about my ovulation and I’m not always to the day on my AF so she could arrive early! Hopefully she doesn’t arrive for any of us 🤞🏻. 

    Anytime any of us feel slightly different even the smallest thing let’s keep each other updated 😆... Id Love to hear all your stories/progress and I think it will definitely keep us all busy through this long and stressful stage! Plus we can help each other keep our minds at rest 😊.

    I am fully stocked with pregnancy tests as I did a big order on amazon so I have 16 🤣.. I’m currently living in cyprus and the cheapest here are like €19 euro for a pack of two but some chemists allow you to purchase 1 for €9..... no thank you! I’m gonna try not to pee on any sticks until very close to the time but we all know how hard that can be! 

    Let’s bring on the wait and stay massively positive! If it doesn’t happen this month it will definitely happen at some point girls so I still think that’s something to be excited about and still a good reason to stay positive!!! 

    Think babies 🤔👶🏻👼🏼🤰🏻!! 

    jade xx 

  • Jadeybaby im also due AF on 7th March, fingers crossed it doesn’t come! 

  • Morning ladies,

    Just a quick question to start the day. Are any of you taking extra vitamins (other than folic acid and vit D). I've been on conceive plus for a few weeks and I'm sure it's making me queasy. Are there any recommendations out there?!


  • Hopefulolderlass - love the name BTW - no I am just taking folic acid and Vit D as suggested by my GP and I've stopped taking my medication I used to take to prevent migraines. Only had the one migraine since I came off it in November though so maybe I didn't need it in the first place.

    If anyone is on any regular medication I would suggest speaking to your GP about whether it may interfere with the baby making process, doesn't do any harm to ask.

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