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Could it be a positive???

Hi everyone!! 

Me and my hubby have been trying for a baby. Ovulation would of been 7th feb, due for AF on Thursday. 

Been feeling sick mainly in evenings, very tired all of the time, very emotional compared to normal. 

Took a clearblue early detection this morning and after around 10 mins I saw this very faint line appear, dashed to the pharmacy and got a first response but it’s a very clear negative. Didn’t use my first morning wee (Used my second) so not sure if this has anything to do with it and the first response was 4th wee (sorry for the detail) 

normally have bad period pain a few days before AF but nothing atm. 

any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)



  • image better photo with flash to see colour 

  • Unfortunately clearblue tests give strong evaporation lines. FRER is much more sensitive. I'd retest on Thursday with FRER. It doesn't really matter if it was first morning urine or not as long as it wasn't diluted so don't drink anything for few hours before testing. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for replying. I have a test I did last week to check for evap lines and there’s nothing so it’s really strange. Bottom one is last week‘s. image

  • It does happen & you can have just one showing line like that, believe me. It happened to me and many other women on this forum. Sometimes these tests just give you results like that. Sorry. Tests should also be discarded after 10 minutes for that reason.

    It still doesn't mean you're not pregnant. You've got good symptoms and you're still testing quite early. Hopefully you will see a strong second line by Thursday :)

  • did you re-test today Zoey2605??

    Im having exactly the same problem!?

  • Hi jojoandchris18, I haven’t retested yet no and I’m getting cramps today so I’m assuming AF is about to make an apperance :-(

    my first daughter I came off my pill and the following month I was pregnant so it’s really frustrating and I’m a very impatient person lol. 

    Fingers crossed for next month and fingers crossed for you :-) 

  • Well update this morning, still not taken a test but woke up feeling very sick, went to feed the dog and one smell of the food and I was over the sink being sick.

    Going to nip this morning and grab a test as cramping has now stopped and all signs are pointing to pregnant so I will see and let you know 

  • I’m in a similar position, although it’s not unusual for me to feel sick around the time AF comes, usually I need to open my bowels more the days leading up to AF (tmi sorry!) but nothing. I’m due on Friday. Hopefully have some tests coming, I know they will be negative but I just can’t shake the feeling That I’m pregnant 🤷🏻‍♀️ Boobs are really hurting too, no sign of implantation spotting but I didn’t get that with my son till after my positive so who knows xxx

  • oohh Sound promising!!

    Test. Test. Test :D

    ... And keep us posted

    everything crossed for you!!

  • Hi sorry to jump in but was wondering if anyone could help me. does anyone else see the line or have I got line eyes ? Also only did the opk as they say it can detect pregnancy and as I have lots just wanted to see what would come up. Thank you 😊 image

  • I think I see something!!

    How exciting .. How many Dpo are you?


  • Helda I can deffo see a faint line :) a pregnancy test will detect hcg before an opk though. when is AF due? Xx

  • Helda, get a proper test like first response. One step tests show very faint lines for ages unfortunately. I had faint lines like this on one step so I tested with digital and it already showed 2-3 weeks. Good luck xx

  • Hi everyone thank you so much for helping me, yes I’ll defo get a different test. The funny thing is for the past 2 months I’ve decided not to track anything juat stop with it all give myself a break as it was driving me crazy. So I wouldn’t know exactly when af is due or how many DPO I am which is driving me crazy lol. I know af is due sometime this week. I do have an app where I put everything down when I was tracking and it says it was supposed to start yesterday. But app was never right as always ovulated a day or 2 before or after it said I was. So it’s driving crazy. I won’t get my hopes up until i get a solid line as had chemical back in November. But thank you so much everyone really thought I was just going crazy by staring at it for too long. Oh also only decided to test because before I stopped tracking I got the different one step ones the thicker ones so wanted to see what they were like and I’ve been having bad back pain which I never ever do and really bad acne which only ever had it in November when I had my chemical. lol that’s a long message sorry xxx 

  • NEGATIVE AGAIN!!!! It’s driving me crazy. I’m just going to wait now and not even think about testing again until I know I’m at least one week late. Using First Response too so must be correct. 

    Getting so fustrated though with the sickness and indegestion, needing to wee all the time. 

    hopefully my body just hasn’t produced enough HCG yet. 

  • oh how frustrating!!

    although you are defo not out until AF arrives!

    You could have ovulated later than you thought as you haven't been tracking?

    I will keep everything crossed for you!


  • I’m due AF Friday, 2 FRER and lots of cheapies stark white negative today, I was CONVINCED I was pregnant and my boobs are still killing and crazy heartburn. Never get this before AF. Never mind :( 

  • Soooo....  now 2 days late, been having mild on and off cramping for around a week. Day Period was due I took a test and negative. 

    Really don’t know what’s going on with me, don’t dare take another test. 

    Could it be from coming off the pill that everything is messed up? 

    its driving me and hubby mad!! I’m googling all of the time to see what it could be, some sites say implantation cramping and some say I could be ovulating later then usual because of the pill withdrawal. Ggggrrrr

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