TTC after a miscarrige

Hi everyone I'm new here. 

I have a couple of question and need advice. 

I had a miscarriage and passed baby on 01/20. I did hpt till I got a negative with a cheapie brand from Amazon called IProven (1st time using) I got my 1st negative on 02/03 and started opks and got a positive on 02/05 with ovulation cramping. We didn't baby dance that day but we did on the 02/02 and 02/03. I read women maybe very fertile after a miscarrige. Okay, here's the question could I still have hcg in my system still, even after ovulation? I'm getting faint lines with a first response (maybe lines- but I posted it on social media and  Supposably the line got darker but I don't see it). I'm currently 12 DPO and line has not gotten any darker. I would like to know your thoughts and experiences.

-Thank you 


  • Normally your body wouldn't let you ovulate if there is still hcg in your blood. 12 dpo is still early, keep testing and hopefully if will get darker soon. Good luck xx

  • Hello ladies. I'm excited for you I hope it is a bfp soon. 

    I am currently in the process of miscarriage which started on Sunday. All I can think about is trying again. I've always had irregular cycles and so trying to spot when I am ovulating is a lucky last time with cbd ovulation test. 

    I've no idea when I will ovulate or get back to normal or how this is going to work. And I'm petrified I will have a 2nd miscarriage  

    Anyone have any advice?

    Hoping for the best for you all  

    Baby dust xxx

  • Sorry to hear you been through this ladies 

    I MC in Dec at about 6 weeks, and my cycles are still messed up. I had a very small bleed last month but don’t think I have ovulated since as the OPKs haven’t shown a darker positive line just dark which is so frustrating as desperate to try again. 

    Fingers crossed for us all xx

  • @Sunshine

    Sorry to hear that too dear. All we can think about is being pregnant again . It's really difficult to face the face that we could actually be waiting quite a while before it happens again for us. Feeling so frustrated and impatient.

    I hope that your cycles settle down. Mine have always been quite irregular so I'm guessing this will encourage them to be even more messed up now. 

    I am going to start using cbd ovulation tests when my hormones settle down. That worked for me last time. 

    I'm so afraid it will happen again. Like.. Thinking... Oh its something in me that means I will probably misscary each time. 

    I go for my final scan on Friday where they will check if its all gone n stuff. 

    I wish you the best of luck and baby dust in your ttc journey !!


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