Help! Does anyone else see a faint second line?

imageHey guys! this is our second month of ttc, and I think I can see a very faint positive? But I’m doubting myself 


  • imageThink this is a slightly better pic, sorry for the awful quality! 

  • Can see something but deffo need clearer pic how many dpo are you 

  • I’m 13 dpo! I know, I took it when I first woke up and was half asleep. I took one of the same test a few hours later, but I know you shouldn’t read them after 10 mins

  • imageThis is the same test a few hours later, but I don’t know if that would just be an evap line 

  • Yeah thats what they say! Fx for a darker line tomorrow 

  • What test is it?

  • Thank you! Gonna have to go buy loads now haha

    Its a acutest early pregnancy test! 

  • Hi im new on here. My home test had faint 2nd lines too. Ive recently seen my doctor who gave me form to get blood test done. So i did that wednesday just gone and rung doctors today for results but told me i have to redo my blood test so now i have to get two more forms tomoro friday and do test again so i will know monday hopefully.  So for you i think you should get urine sample for them and also ask for blood test or scan. Hopefully you will know for defo if you are. Good luck to you and i will keep fingers crossed for you. 😀

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