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Hello Need Advice A.S.A.P

Hello. Ive done test to see if pregant. One pink line and very faint line. Im 44 days late which is 6 weeks 2 days. Also seen gp who gave me paper to get blood test done for hormones and thyroids. I am 44 years old. I have regular 28 day cycles. Just got blood tests results today but doctor as give me another slip to do the blood trst again this im worried about as no one is telling me why i need to do it again. Should i be concerned or just wait for results monday or tuesdat next week. Thank you. Jobygirl. 😞


  • Hi

    If your period is 44 days late and you have a 28 day cycle then your last period must have been 72 days ago which is 10 weeks pregnant. Is that right?

    I would think you'd get a strong line on a pregnancy test.

    Is there any way you can call the GP tomorrow and ask why you need to repeat the blood test? If they haven't said there is any cause for concern try not to worry... easier said than done I know!

  • Hi sharon. Thanks for reply. Thank you working out my cycle of 10 weeks. My last period was 3rd of jan to 10th of jan. I will be going into doctors to pick forms up so will ask reception to tell doctor that i want to know why i have to do blood test again that i need to know the reason so i wont worry about it if i know. Im worried it could be perimouse as test is for that as well as a pregnancy. As my age 44 and weve had ivf in the best and lost the embryos early on. If i am then it will be our first baby and it would make us very happy so i hope and pray im pregnant and not the other. Will let you know tomoro night how ive got on with finding out about redo of blood test. Thank you sharon. 😀

  • Morning.

    I think I misunderstood when doing my calculation if it was last period 44 days ago or missed current period by 44 days. Based on your last period your calculation of 6 weeks and 2 (now 3) days would be correct. 

    Hopefully the doctor will be helpful. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

    Sharon x

  • Please keep us posted hun. Did u contact the doctor again asking why they wish for repeat bloods? 

  • Hi apple. I got my forms today. One of the blood forms is for cholesterol fats and hormones which going to nurse on monday 26th feb and redo that blood test. And my 2nd form is for 6 weeks time for my iron and anemia as always had enemia. Also no sign of bleeding and now 6 weeks 3 days over due and my left breast starting to be sore. Will see what first blood results are and if they dont mention im pregnant i will get another test to do. X

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