Faint positive or have I got lime eyes? 10 dpo

sorry tmi, my nipples are going darker not drastically tho, rather bloated, feeling slight niggles in my stomach like a tugging feeling and feel like somethings scratching me from the inside🤔 bizarre I know! I took this test and before the 3 minutes to wait for my result a very slight line came up! Did not test with my first pee of the day which I wish I had waited now but can anyone else see this? I have edited because the line is so faint it’s pretty hard to catch on a picture! Please tell me I don’t have line eyes😩😩 my oh can see it too but I think he’s getting line eyes now aswell😂 please help ladies, the very first photo isn’t edited so you can see how faint it actually is if you can even see it  xxxximageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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