6 dpo New member here. My story!

(Sorry about the first post didn't realize how adding a picture worked and wiped out my whole post. I did know how to delete the post either.)

I am 34 almost 35 and my husband is 36. We are from the US in Ohio. We have been trying to conceive our first for 9 years. We tried fertility in 2014 but life happened and we had to put it on the back burner. We restarted fertility in July of last year. I was diagnosed with PCOS and not ovulating at all. It took a few cycles but we finally found a dose of femara and pregnyl that made my body work.

This cycle when I went in for the scans I had 1 egg that wasn't the size it needed to be for the injection. So we waited a few days for another scan. At the next scan the egg was gone... But the lining of my uterus had tripled. They did blood tests to see if I had possibly ovulated on my own. When it came back the progesterone was only a .3 and to indicate ovulation its has to be 3 or higher. They assumed because I was sick this cycle and ran a small fever my body was like NOPE to dangerous to get pregnant so its not going to happen. But before they gave me meds to induce a period they wanted me to wait and week and repeat the blood test.

A day before the new blood tests (18th) I started getting signs of ovulation like I do after the injection. So I tested and got the strongest positive I had ever seen without medication. Pictured below.


When I went in for the repeat blood test I told the nurses. They said if I had ovulated on my own my levels would rise. They wouldn't be at a 3 because usually they test at 7 dpo and I was only 1 dpo so not enough time for it to rise. When the results came back I went from a .3 to a 1.5. I have ovulated on my own!!!!

My husband and I had made sure to do the "homework" the day before, the day of, and the day after. I am now 6 dpo. I am having a few symptoms. Slightly drippy nose, cramps, sore nipples, and been nauseous for a few minutes here and there. I plan to test around the 4th when I should get a period.

I am so glad to have found this board. The one I had belonged to for years just seemed to fizzle out and you guys seem so active! I will keep you guys posted!


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