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Really after some help....

So I am 1 week late for AF. Waited til I was 4 days late to test which was negative. Sunday (day AF was due) had a bit of pink in CM thought either implantation or AF starting, 4 day later (Thursday) when I test its negative and no other signs of AF but that evening I wipe after going for a pee and there is a slight pink tinge to cm but just once. Friday the same literally once the whole day. Saturday and today (so far) I have nothing other than the last 10 days I've had killer sore boobs which I've never experienced in my life! And lots of white odourless cm all the time! I also had mild cramping for 2 weeks but that's stopped and I now get a sharp sudden pain in one side every now and again. 

Surely if I was pregnant it would show up on a test by now?

Is it possible that I could have an ectopic pregnancy? Or something else going on?

Just looking for people's opinions and thoughts please... Going out of my mind :(


  • This could be due to implantation i had same thing im pregnant 14 weeks now had pain in 1 side thought ectopic but it wasent you have to wait 2 3 days after implanration for test to come positive and then could be faint line try wait out it is hard i was obsessed taking tests lol 

  • Have you done another test since?xx

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I little but of hope with the implantation story :).

    No I haven't done a test since I'm thinking maybe wait til Wednesday and if still negative and no sign of AF then go to a doctor? as by then I'll be 10 days late.

    Although I don't know what a doctor would do at this point? 

  • yes i kept testing and got positive faint then done more and then digital xximageimageimage

  • How late were you before you got a positive test? :) 

  • i done mine on due day but its diffrent for everyone coz of hormones some wonan dont get theres till week or 2 after due some dint get any till 6 7 weeks preg you gotta have some hope coz it does sound to me that your getting symptoms of implantation try again tommrow morning wee in cup and dip it in for 30 seconds and keep trying sone tests are crap to detect hcg xx

  • And  yo can overlate later and even week b4 your period so it implants later so test wont show up till week or so latee after your due xx

  • OK thanks :) I really hope this is it and not mother nature playing with me! I just want an answer one way or another at this point lol 

  • know exactly how you feel its in your head constantly please do let me know how you get on here to help if you need anything any questions i really love pregnancy i have put my own poats up to help anyone as im a experienced mum of 10 children on 11th baby so know all the ins and outs xx

  • Fingers crossed for you nikki🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Xx

    rachel- 11th baby! That’s unbelievable! I have no idea how you do it but your large family sounds

  • Thank you emj3 i love it i have routine and consistency with my daily life and enjoy children and apreciate been so lucky to have them they keep me going the love for them is so special ans love helping others that need advice xxx

  • Wow! 11 children... Wonder woman :) I'd love a big family like that! Thanks for your offer of help :) I'll keep you all updated .. Hopefully AF stays away! 

  • update ?? lol lol xx
  • Omg I'm so. Sorry I complete didn't think. So I'm not pregnant it ended up being a cyst that was causing the lack of period, spotting but my body was trying to start a cycle hence tg boobs etc. I ended up being rushed to hospital a couple days ago after it ruptured luckily no damage done. More fun trying ;) thanks for everyones comments and advice etc it's much appreciated :) hopefully see you guys on here soon with better news! X
  • aww babes sending hugs and fairy dust 💫
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