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Hi here to help anyone with tests or concerns or advice on how to conceive if you have faint positives im a mum of 10 babys and pregnant on 11th baby 14 weeks so here to help with all the ins and outs the bad the good the joys of pregnancy would like to help anynone think i need to become a midwife xxxx


  • Wow 10 kids! U must be a busy lady! I've just started ttc at the grand old age of 35! I came off the pill in November. Last month i am sure i had a LP of 10 days and previous cycles 9 days. Can I ask what is classed as spotting? Read conflicting info on it! Any tips on how lengthen it? 

  • Hey yeh i love it and it takes 6 months for body to get back to normal from pill i was on pill periods was bit funny and you cant tell when u overlate as you can overlate diffrebt times as bleeding changes i fot caught 5 months after had chemical pregnancy best thing to do is wait it out for bidy to settle put last period on calender and keep trying spotting is before period i spotted quite abit on some babys thought i had a misscarraige but dident some have brown old blood some can be pink and red blood for 3 days and not proper period you need to tune in with body no need to lengthen it or change it your body does what it does you will get caught if your periods are long short or what look at a chart online were you put in last period length of period and it will tell you when your likly to overlate if you need anything give me a shout x

  • you can spot when pregnant too i had implantation bleeding at 6 weeks old blood its normal x

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