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So I’m not due on my period for another 5 days, however the past few days I’ve been having a slight pain in my lower pelvis. Today, I went to the loo, and when I wiped I noticed a small amount of pale pink blood and what I can only describe as stringy mucus (pink). I’m having a smear on 5 March but I’m really worried about what this could be! Any ideas?


  • Any news?
    I’m experiencing a similar thing. So confusing. I also have a smear coming up soon on the 4th March x
  • Hi! So I took a test on Friday and i got a BFP! Still going to my smear although they won’t be able to do it, just to confirm everything. Good luck x
  • Omg that’s amazing, massive congratulations x
  • Thankyou! Good luck on your smear! Are you late yet? 
  • I’m meant to be due tomorrow but I thought I was starting earlier but it seem not.
  • Keep us updated and fingers crossed :) 
  • So just got back from the doctor and they wouldn’t do a smear. So I just have to wait and see what happens. 
  • Why wouldn’t they do it??
  • Incase my spotting last week was from implantation. I now have to wait and see if my af comes or I get a positive test. 
  • Ooh that’s a good sign though!! 
  • on jan 21st i got my period & was hoping for lastmonth 21st feb to came , it didint came . brown discharge came after 5 days of delayed period & theres a bit of blood im not so sure what it is . but on onee of the 5 days of brown discharge , after i peed i wiped my vag with tissue & could see pink blood , what does this mean?
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