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TTC on Seven Seas

At the start of November I went to the doctors and had the depo injection and was due to have another on 24th Jan this year but i decided to ttc instead & decided to take seven seas ttc tablets to try and regulate my periods a bit as they seem to be different every month but always last 5 days. Ive been taking the tablets for nearly 2 weeks now & the past week ive come out in spots & keep having hot & cold flushes. Everything & nothing makes me feel sick sometimes to the point my mouth is watering and i have to lie down but never throw up. Taken a test and BFN but i am now 8 days late.

I was wondering if there is anyone else who has taken these after the depo or if anyone else has taken them & they have been the reason for the period to stop or something, i dont know i just need some advice im sick of feeling poorly but i have anxiety & dont want to go to the doctors.

Any help really appreciated xx


  • I came off the pill in November and started taking the seven seas. In the last month i have developed post pill acne which is due to my hormones trying to regulate themselves! So this could be an after effect of the depo or u could possibly be pregnant. But it can take awhile for the body to get back to 'normal'. 

  • Hey I had regular cycles after stopping the pill waited 5 months then started taking seven seas hoping to conceive, my af didn’t arrive and I thought I was pregnant but bfn after a week late I stopped taking the tablets and my af arrived a couple of days later, I’m not sure if it was coincidence but I put it down to seven seas as my next cycle was on time x
  • Thanks for replying girls, i think im going to stop taking them for now as today is day 13 my period is late & still bfn. Hopefully it should come soon, just really worries because ive never missed a period before xx
  • I had the opposite effect! Since coming offf the pill i had cycles ranging from 27 - 31 days but this cycle af came early! 
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