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Can anyone help? Question ref. EWCM and conception

Hey all,

I don’t know all of the abbreviations for terms so I’ll just use what I know.

basically, I had egg white cervical mucus and then we had sex 2/3 days later, now (day after) I have white creamy discharge (lots of it😳) and I was wondering if this was a good sign or if it’s too early to tell?? 

Thanks in advance x


  • Hi lotus how did u fare off after this? 
    I’m in the same boat this month and am not really sure how I feel. I had ewcm on cycle day 12/13 and had sex. Now I don’t usually ovulate until around cd 16/17 according to ovulation test kit. I’ve not used one of those this month as I was trying to be a little less stressed and hung up on it this month. Now I don’t know when i ovulated 🤷🏻‍♀️ But my Cm has changed to being watery and now almost non existent. I’m not due period until 10days from now so not sure what to make of things. I’ve had occasional cramps like a 1 outta 10 on pain scale but wee twinges and things. Trying not to get my hopes up. 
  • to be honest with u both if i was you if you get more watery id just keep at it as it says if ur mucis is more watery slippey ur most at peek ur are overlating and then wait for af to see if it turns up x
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