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Regulating periods .. advice needed :)

Hi, I’m completely new to this but would love some advice please :)

Basically I came off the pill after ten years last May and didn’t have my natural period untill November. Around October I did go for tests & scans at doctors which confirmed all was fine it was just taking some time to get back into swing of things. So since then I’ve had a 30 day cycle, 47 day cycle and now currently on cycle day 37.

i was just wondering if anyone can recommend something to help regulate my periods? As you know it’s so frustrating when your TTC :( 

Thanks in advance x 


  • Hi huni, I am in similar boat I tried Agnus Castus , it did help regulate but no cervical mucus happened that time I was on it , I felt as thought I ovulated.. I went off it and back to long cycles 56 days and counting 
  • Hello Maddie 995, ahhh yes I’ve seen a lot about Angus castus and regulating periods it’s a shame it didn’t work for you 🙁 I was going to try the ‘seven seas trying for a baby’ that you can get in boots as I’ve read a lot of women had luck with that?
    i did try Pregnacare for a while but I didn’t really get on with that so at the moment I’m just taking multi vitamins and folic acid. 
    I will let you know how I get on with seven seas going to buy some today ☺️
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