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Anyone want to join me in the Feb TTC train? - Part 2



  • I'm feeling nervous tbh pains a bit sharper today just hoping I'll know a little bit more tomorrow and that I have a sticky bean not sure how I would cope if I had 2 mc in a row. 
    I can see the faintest line on the first pic but nothing on the others in sorry to say hopefully it'll show more Thursday when af is due could be a case of ovulating later then you think xx
  • @Babynumber3story I think I see a vvvfl on the pics 🤞🏼
    Im on CD9 if I start counting from my mc started. I got a high opk today, which is quite exciting. Normally my high OPKs start around CD12. So I’m really hoping that I get a peak this month. I’m really starting to feel better after everything that happened last Monday. Me & my DH are both off work together this week (he had to work all last week & it was hard not having him there every day), but the past 2 day’s of us spending time together has been great. 
  • @Chezza15 I’m really hoping everything will be ok with you. Keep in touch with how you get on 💓
  • @MrsMcM glad you're feeling a bit better and enjoying some quality time and hopefully your body is springing back quickly. Let me know how you get on 
    @Babynumber3story Let us know how you get on hun by Thursday you should have a better idea hopefully 🤞 
    I'll let you all know about me after scan not hopeful they'll see much though as still quite early 
  • @Babynumber3story I had an internal with my last pg should've been 7 but wasn't any bigger then 5 and sac was empty think it may have possibly been a blighted ovum just my body hadn't recognised it til the next day and I mc. So I'm just hoping they see something more this time as it's similar timing if that makes sense? I think if they just saw a sac that'll panic me just hoping there's a little bit of something in there. Not sure what to expect at 6 weeks tbh. Xx
  • That's comforting thankyou! Just 🤞 for tomorrow really xx
  • Ugh pains were awful this morning to the point I even put a  pad on as was convinced I was going to start bleeding went to the toilet and sorry if tmi but I did like the tiniest fart and now the pain isn't half as bad 😂  got the scan later so hopefully 🤞 
    Thinking of you all too 
  • Ahh Chezza, I am so happy for you that you didn't start bleeding xx Good luck with the scan, sending lots of good vibes :)
  • Well guys just had my scan I'm 5 weeks 3 days roughly and there's a hb already so can't ask for much more then that at this stage! Xx
  • Congratulations @Chezza15 that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you 
  • Aww Chezza, what amazing news xoxox! So happy for you!!
  • Thankyou guys just got to try and keep level headed still as still early days but super happy atm. Hugs to all xx
  • Amazing news chezza! Congrats!!xxxx
  • Sorry just catching up x could heeza that’s great news, that’s unreal there already a heartbeat Babynumber3 have fingers and toes crossed for u x
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