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Anyone want to join me in the Feb TTC train? - Part 2



  • I know I cried as really wasn't expecting a hb xx
  • Congratulations Chezza 🥳
  • Massive congrats @Chezza15 so happy for you ! Xxx
  • I’m sorry ladies but I need a rant 😭! 

    I am so upset. Last night I found out my brother in law and his girlfriend are now pregnant. This is my husbands brother. They have been together less than a year and it was accidental. I can’t help but feel resentful. My husband and I have been together 12 years, married for 2 years and have been trying for a year with nothing but they have managed to accidentally get pregnant. I know how shallow it is to be resentful but I can’t help imagining everyone cooing over them and rubbing her belly and being so happy while I’m so miserable and down about not being able to conceive. I just was not expecting the news last night and it has knocked me for 6 🙁 
    I am happy for them but can’t help but feeling that it should have been me 😭 it will be the first grand child in their family and I was so excited to get married (my husband is the oldest by a few years) and give them their first grand child but I just feel like a failure, that I can’t seem to get pregnant despite doing everything by the book and still nothing. I am very aware of how shallow and selfish that sounds and I would never dare admit it out loud. It’s getting so unbearable to be constantly happy for people in my life. I currently work with 4 people who are all pregnant at the same time so tea breaks are constantly ‘bump comparisons’ and ‘scan photo sharing while others are saying ‘oooh must be something in the water, don’t be drinking that eh?’, then my brothers girlfriend just had a wee baby a few weeks ago, and my sister thinks she’s pregnant. I can’t escape it. I feel so awful 😭 

    sorry for the rant. I promise I’m not a horrible person but I just can’t help but feeling jealous at this stage when it’s all around me everywhere I go 
  • Hey its totally normal to have those feelings! You don't sound horrible at all it can be so stressful and I totally feel for you!! Your time will come lovely and when it does it wont make your baby any less important or loved just because it didn't come first, it took me over 2 years to get pregnant with my daughter for absolutely no reason me and my partner are both very healthy sometimes it just takes a little longer, but your time will come! If you ever need some to chat to feel free to message me! Sending you hugs! Xx
  • Hi guys, i totally understand where you are coming from @Comeonbabyno1, i feel like the same all around me, everyone is either pregnant or just had a baby. yesterday i had some spotting and see some today. my period isn't due for another week. Can this be implantation bleeding? or early period start. I am so confused and feel like giving up. Seems like I'll be on to month 5.
  • Thank you ladies. Nice to know I’m not alone in this. 
    @nish2578 it really could be either of them. It could be a good sign of early implantation but I have also had that but went on to have my AF too so unfortunately no way to tell. Have you been temping ?
  • @Comeonbabyno1. Actually I never did temping before, will have to try it next cycle. I was only doing opk's but strangely enough I never got a positive this cycle. I was wondering if i didn't test enough and i probably missed it, because i was only testing once a day from cycle day 10. so I really don't know whats up, my cycle is always usually the same so strange stuff happening this month.
  • @nish2578 that sucks. Maybe you haven’t ovulated yet and the spotting could be old blood just? It’s not uncommon for it to leave the body during the cycle. Keep using OPKs every day even long past when you think you should have ovulated. Sometimes we can skip ovulation or have it delayed due to stress or hormone imbalances. What CD day are you on? Xx
  • @Comeonbabyno1 i am on cycle day 23. i stopped testing on day 18 assuming i missed it because i usually always get a positive on Day 13.
  • Maybe keep testing again. That happened me last month. I ov’d 10 days late 😕
  • wow. maybe i should have kept going, but i gave up
  • Might not be too late to keep going. I knew I was under a lot of stress last month and it felt like my body kept trying to ovulate but couldn’t. I kept having signs of ovulation for about 2 weeks constantly. (Sadly I thought it was a sign of implantation) but you’re not out until AF arrives so maybe keep an eye on your symptoms xx
  • yes thanks, will keep you updated on this spotting
  • Totally normal to feel that way @Comeonbabyno1 especially when it seems to happen so easily for others 😑 I'm on CD9 but still got AF😔
  • AF arrived in true style today. sigh
  • Hi ladies... 
    it is frustrating... procreating is what we were designed for.. so how can something so natural be so hard work?! 

    Ive been wanting a family for the better half of a decade..
    my husband kept saying we’ll try next year... and then next.. until one day I just packed my bags and left
    5 years down the line I am remarried and we are trying but sadly, I am just recovering from a MC.  I was meant to be 10 weeks already., 

    so all of the joy of finally receiving the BFP was squashed by an ultrasound which showed no heart beat... 😪
    since I found out I have been researching like a crazy woman.  Because the only thing more cruel than waiting so long to get pregnant is to have a loss after that amazing news.

    so I’m hoping some of my research helps at least one of you... time will tell.

    so I’m not really TTC this month because I want to make sure all of the tissue is cleared off my body before I get that BFP again.

    but this is what I read: apologies if it’s useless information .. I wish someone told me this.

    thyroid function plays a Big part in falling pregnancy and sustaining a pregnancy.   I learnt this from a Woman  who had 4 MC and then was finally tested.
    check your TSH levels. It should be <2.5 for conception and beyond. if you want the link to the article, let me know.

    my dr said my function was ok at 2,83 but this week called me to say he’d spoken to a fertility specialist and I have now been prescribed levothyroxin to bring my TSH level down.

    also I read that there are loads of natural herbs that can boost fertility. I have no idea if they work as yet.. I just ordered then the day I MC. But I figured anything that could help prevent the same situation has to be good.

    again another woman who went on the have a healthy baby, swore by maca gold capsules (you have to order off eBay as they are not sold in Europe) and vitamin code prenatals..which are all natural and don’t make me wee neon yellow!

    and vitex is meant to improve fertility.. so of course, I bought that too.

    Please please go check your TSH levels from your last blood test., I cannot say this enough to everyone TTC.

    and apologies if I just mentioned stuff that you all know...

    theres so so little information ppl share about conception and pregnancy.. I wish I had known this before I started my journey ..


  • Brody bear so sorry to hear about your MC. Hugs to you. Thank you for all that information. It is so hard to know what to research when you don’t know anything. Wishing you a speedy recovery and baby dust for your next month ttc xxx
  • Brody, so sorry to hear about your mc. I read and research natural fertility herbs and whatnots and it does get overwhelming, especially because one could work wonders for some women and do the opposite for someone else.. and also, it might be bad to mix some of them. I took nettle leaf tea and raspberry leaf tea for 2 months in a row and it gave me terrible cramps. So I stopped and never really looked into it again. It would be interesting to see an herbalist/naturopath/dietitian to get a combination of supplement/vitamins/tea curated especially for my needs.  Also, unless you know exactly what is wrong with you it is hard to find the perfect natural remedy.

    However, I decided to eat more healthy food that have been shown to help fertility like: pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, brazil nuts, grapefruit juice, etc..  

  • Hi ladies. Sorry to read about MC's and all the unwanted AF arrivals.

    My period is 3 days late but on day 1 and 2 of no period I got BFN :-( no idea what is going on with my body.
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