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Anyone want to join me in the Feb TTC train? - Part 2



  • Hey ladies I'm out! Af came thismorning, at least I can get on with this next cycle! Good luck to all those still waiting and to all those that got there bfp already! ❤
  • Hey girls, just catching up. Chess so pleased for you. Sophie sorry you’re out this month but just keep your chin up and try again next month.

    im so confused still.  Now 6 days late, absolutely exhausted, very slight cramping on and off, sore lower back, slight nausea in the evening, very emotional but no sore boobs or spots or any usually AF symptoms
    did a clear blue test this morning (not digital) and negative. Cried my eyes out because I read it wrong initially and thought it was positive. Husband thinks I am because of all the symptoms but nothing doing yet 🙄 at this stage I’d rather have AF appear just to get it over with. 
    Baby dust to everyone x
  • @Comeonbabyno1 & @billythekitty

    thanks for the well wishes.

    your right, it’s even more frustrating that what works for one doesn’t work for all, but I figured a mixture of natural products can’t harm me. just a pain to swallow.

    i read that raspberry leaf tea should be taken in last trimester as it prepares the body for labour.

    try the CBD with weeks indicator to know for sure. Before I got my BFP I had all my PMS symptoms and was gutted AF was about to arrive.

  • Thanks @Brody bear  i will try buy a CBD later today and use tomorrow with FMU.

    @Ninjabunni I am in a similar-ish position to you as my husband thinks I must be pregnant. I don't have any symptoms though so I'm not sure myself but i have tracked my period for 18 cycles and this would be my longest ever cycle by 4 days.

  • @Sharon88 it’s awful! I know I’m probably delaying it further by stressing about it but it’s so frustrating. I came back off the pill 6 months ago and have been on a 31 day cycle ever since. At the moment I’m on day 38 with all the early symptoms and loads of watery CM which is apparently also a sign but nothing but BFNs nature needs to get over herself and wither up my hormone levels enough to be detected or give me AF so I can move on. It’s really getting me down this waiting about lark! X
  • @Ninjabunni oh i know it's awful this wait! 

    I have loads of watery CM too. So much that i keep thinking AF has arrived so I'm constantly going to the toilet.

    I've also been dreading going to sleep as AF usually arrives in the night for me and I'm desperate for it not to. But yes I guess it'd be better for AF to come and put us out of our misery!
  • @Sharon88 i’lL keep everything crossed for you xx
  • @Ninjabunni fingers crossed for you too xx
  • Hi everyone, a wee update from me. We have started ttc again. I started taking OPKs this week just to see if I will ovulate again soon & get AF after my mc. I’ve been taking clearblue digi Advanced & im currently on my 6th day of ‘high’ test. I really hope it goes to a peak over the next couple of days.
  • MrsMcM that's good but don't panic if you don't get a peak and just bd in case all my opks came back negative and I still caught! Lots of babydust to you hun xx
  • @Chezza15 that’s good to know 😊 I’m hoping that will be my case too. 
    Im just back from seeing my friend who had a baby last week. She had a miscarriage last January & then was pregnant again in the July. He is absolutely beautiful. And because she has went through something very similar to me, it’s great just having an open conversation over a cuppa with something about it. 
  • MrsMcM that's nice that you have someone that you can openly talk to about it and understands fully. Hopefully that'll help you with the healing process too. Xx
  • Hi ladies. 

    Ive been quiet recently as Af arrived. However. AF had arrived 1 day early & had 2 days heavy bleed. Then it almost stopped immediately, now only a pink tinge when wiping. I took a cheapy test tonight & apart from the wee crack like at the far left side I’m 100% sure I can see a faint line. Going to re test tomorrow & see but what’s your opinions? 
  • I’m afraid I can’t see it Anderson but my eyesight isn’t great so fingers crossed you get a stronger line this morning. Good luck xx
  • Hey everyone. I got a peak ovulation on my opk this morning & over the day I’ve had pains - I’m guessing ovulation pains (they kinda feel like a dull cramp/the feeling when you have wind). I never really feel ovulation - just wondering if anyone else had something similar? 

  • @MrsMcM that could be ovulation pain alright. I would normally get it at one side. It can be dull or sharp pain for me. But I would take that as you ovulating. Get BD’ing over the next few days to be sure. maybe it would be good to keep checking your LH over the next few days to see if the spike stays up or drops after you ovulate. Good luck and it’s great to see you back on the bandwagon with us. Baby dust to you and to all xxxxx
  • Thanks @Comeonbabyno1 I’m glad I got a peak. DH is nightshift tonight but it’s the plan to dtd once he’s off shift. I really want to get back on the bandwagon as soon as possible x 
  • Help lol

    Whats going on with these OPKs? I had a feeling last month that my body didn’t ovulate on time. And low and behold I was 10 days late (initially excited with late AF) but looking back I had symtoms the whole way through my cycle of ovulation (TMI but I normally get thicker and sticky EWCM and ovulation pain) which I experienced a few times. Then AF arrived 10 days late. I read up on it and Google said that it could have been my body making multiple failed attempts at ovulation 🤔
    so this month I have been testing religiously since CD10 which is the first test. All tests have been done roughly at the same time but looking at them, they sort of have got really dark, lightened up and then gone dark again as if there were two LH surges ? 
    Has anyone ever experienced this before? I’m currently CD 18 with no sign of ovulation actually having happened. 🙁
    poor hubby is getting tired with all the BDing. Don’t know much more he can take 😂😂😂
  • Comeonbabyno1 that last one looks positive or very very close to positive x always find it hard to tell x I’m a late ovulater with my first LG I was two weeks after when I thought I ovulated (was lucky to catch it) this time I was day cd 22 xx r bodies do funny things 🙈
  • Morning girls,

    Have been quiet on here the past month to try stop myself getting to stressed TTC and see where nature takes us this month, no ovulation tests or preseed or anything

    Low and behold this morning I got my BFP at 13dpo! Really think being more relaxed this month has helped me massively!

    Fingers crossed for all of you this cycle and going forward xxx
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