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TTC for a year!

hello ladies, me and my other half have been trying for a year now, and nothing. 😥
im going to ring the doctors and get into speak to them.. has anyone been in my position.. and gone to the doctors, but can explain what they say/do.. maybe being referred to a clinic to get scanned etc. 
Really worried tbh, I have one child already and he as 2 in a previous relationship. But I am forever worrying something is wrong and so is he. 
Any advice would be great thank you x


  • They usually test your hormone levels. Do you have regular cycles? have to first pin point if you're ovulating, then they go from there. Hope this helps! 
  • Hi! 
    Yes they are regular, always on time and for ovulating I get pains. Thank you xx
  • Hmm, would your partner be considered a part of this? How’s the sperm count. They may get into that if its not working out. 
  • I have no idea, I’m assuming that’s what he’s going to get done. I’ve had abnormal cells removed too, so I’m worried something is wrong. X
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