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First ever pregnancy test - confused!

Hey guys,  I’m very new to the whole TTC business as it’s our first month of trying!  I think I’m about 8 DPO and I couldn’t resist taking a test tonight (even though I know it’s probably too early!).  I’ve been having some cramping the past couple of days and have been peeing a bit more than usual as well!  I’ve been trying to stay pretty relaxed about it, however, I have been thinking about the whole two week wait thing quite a lot, I guess it’s just excitement for my first month!  Anyway, I checked the test earlier and saw that it was negative.  Afterwards, I looked at some online forums and even a couple of YouTube videos of women with tests that looked a bit like mine, saying that they could see a line?!  As this is new to me, I was just looking for some opinions really!  I’ve attached a pic, this is negative, right? Or can anyone see a feint line?!  The more I looked, the more I second guessed myself!  Thanks!x 


  • Rachel158Rachel158 Regular
    edited Mar 27, 2019 10:15PM
    hey yeh 8dpo early yeh can see line them test are rubbish for lines to come up specially after time i was like u the whole excitement and waiting game is  savage try to wait longer hun as it will so badly drag for u as i did me and try test with a pink dye test there so much clearer i have my fingers criss for u deffo test again soon xx
  • Thanks, yeah I think I’ll try a different brand next time, maybe First Response and give it a few days!  I will try to distract myself in the mean time!xx
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