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Faint Positive (i think)

Hi All, just wondering if anyone can give any advice or is going through or had the same experience as below. 

On Friday last week I got very sharp ‘period’ pains and thought AF had turned up, it lasted a day and half and basically but Saturday evening nothing at all, I’d say it was a normal flow up only for that short amount of time, it came with a horrid two day headache that just made me feel yuk, anyway on Monday of this week I still felt some pain as if I was going to come on again but ignored it and carried on with my day, but yesterday with some more dull pain, my thinking and wondering got the better of me so I don’t a pregnancy test (a cheapy) which has a very very very very faint ‘positive’ line...has anyone had this and been suscussful in conceiving that month? 

Sorry for the essay...been TTC for a few months, but not charting much at all. 



  • Hi @soontobemrsp
    I have never had an implantation bleed so can't be off much help. Some women also continue to have period when they are pregnant but again not something i have experience of.

    Fingers crossed this is your month. Try testing again in 3/4 days to see if the line get darker.

  • Ah thanks for your reply, I have hung around these forums for a while now with nothing much to report but this one got the better of me after the line on the test, I will test again in a few days and see what happens, I always assumed implantation was quite light but reading some posts it can be like a normal period but a bit shorter.
  • @soontobemrsp If there is colour to the line it will be a positive. blue line tests are harder to read than pink as i think evap lines appear grey which is obviously harder to distinguish from blue than pink.

    Keep me updated. Hope you get your good news 🤞🏻
  • I don’t know how to put up a pic, I wish I could so I can see if I’m not going mad. 
  • @soontobemrsp

    On mine i can select an image by clicking on the image button above where i type the messages. I think there is a limit on image size but i read that if you screenshot your photo the screenshot will be the correct size. I have never added a photo though so not sure.
  • I had a sharp pain lasting about 5 seconds on what must have been my implantation day.  Two days later I had the most faint line ever which I felt like maybe didn't exist or it was just wishful thinking.  The next day I could see it squatting and today it is really there.  The FRER tests are by far the best.  Picked it up a day before Clearview for me. So wait two more days...and see if the line is darker using the same test at the same time of day.  Good luck!! :) 
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