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anyone else have a BFN @ docs but BFP @ home??

So I have took 2 first response home tests and both were positive (one was taken at 7:30pm!) 

booked in to see my doctor this morning and their tests came back negative! I’ve been told to go back Monday morning with my FMU sample and then have to wait a day or two for my results! Here’s today’s test I took this morning. Now if that isn’t a positive I don’t know what is! 

Has as anyone else experienced this? BFP at home but doctors say negative 


  • maybe there tests ars not as sensitive as the first response detects quite early thats a deffo BFP without a dout xx
  • That’s what I have read in google. Apparently their tests take 3-8 minutes. My doctor gave me the result in about 60 seconds! Made me feel a bit low to be honest.
  • Some doctors can be so un helpfull that test is positive are u due ur af xx
  • I’m in 5 days past my AF due date and I’m usually like a day early. I’m so tired too and this morning I began feeling nauseous. I’m getting all the tell tale signs. My boobs are also heavy
  • well just take each day as u go start taking folic acid tablets too they help with baby xx
  • I’ve been taking folic acid since we started trying. This will be my third baby too. Although it still seems all new to me x
  • aw thats really good i did the same was taking them b4 its all new everytime lots of different symptoms ups and downs is surprising really im on my 11th lol xx
  • 11!? Wow you’re brave. I take my hat off to you!!
  • thanks just very lucky to have them feel for the woman who are trying or can't i try to help as many people on here as i can xx
  • You’re a lovely lady. Huge respect for you. X
  • thats really kind of u here for u if u need anything any worries or what not xx
  • Hi LoomyNarti, I had a positive on a home test, digital clear blue, and a negative at the doctors. Blood test showed that I was pregnant. Now have a 2 year old. Doctors tests are definitely not as sensitive as some of the pregnant tests are we can buy. 
  • Thank you for the reply. I’m going back tomorrow morning with a FMU sample and I’m going to make sure my doctor sits and waits for the test a good few minutes! He literally gave me a result within a minute. My first response took a good 40-60 seconds to get a faint positive! 

    I know im pregnant as I’m having so many symptoms. Nauseous. Extreme fatigue and headaches are a killer. 
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