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Best Age To Have Baby

If you are 20 or 30, a lot of question from your parents, relatives and neighbours will blow your mind about when you gonna having a child, when you gonna married, etc.

I have same situation. please help me


  • According to me, 27 to 32 is the best age for having a baby. Because In this age you are mentally strong and have an idea for how to handle a newborn baby and manage his/her milestones.

  • With my youngest I was 18, 21 with next 28 with my youngest and will be 32 by the time this ones born but to be honest I dont think age really matters it's more about finding the right partner to share a baby with as no matter what age or even child I have found them all very different to handle (my youngest especially obviously hadn't read the text books 1st 😂) but my husband has always been so supportive and together we have raised them all..... there have been many ups and downs in lots of ways but we have always stood side by side. To me this is far more important than age 
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