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Has anybody here been put on metformin for fertility treatment and had success stories?? Just curious is all since I just started :) 


  • Hi @Eclipsa. They're might not be many people on metformin. If you use the search function on here you can find other chats where metformin was mentioned.
  • How are you doing on metformin? I am today starting. I have had my 1st 500mg tablet. I have been told to start with 500mg once a day in the evening with dinner and then increase after 3 weeks, so on and so forth, up to 3 times a day (1500mg). I’m hoping it may help although I’m aware it may do nothing. 
  • @HannahBanana17 so far I've been on it the 500 x2 a day one in morning and one in evening. I'm not sure if it's helping my cycles yet, last two cycles were 31 & 32 days so I'm hoping this month it's the same but I didn't use opks this month so I'm unsure if af will be at the same time. I haven't gotten pregnant so far and my doctor told me to tell them if I don't see any change to my cycles after 3 months and I'm pretty sure I won't get a dose up because it's been in the regular range 🙄 🤞🏻 anyway though! 
  • Hi @Eclipsa 👋 How’re you finding it? Any side effects? When I read up about it I was so worried I’d have the s**** all day. So far I’ve had nothing except for a little bloating (maybe just lucky) although I have been taking a fibre supplement anyway, psyllium husk capsules and I wonder if they help? I’m still on x1 a day, my specialist recommended waiting 3 weeks for any side effects to go before I upped it to x2 and so on. I’ve been taking it for 11 days now. My cycles average between 36-44 days roughly, so I’m really hoping it might shorten them a bit for me. Have you experienced any weight loss? I’m trying to lose weight and get my BMI down, my dr won’t prescribe Clomid or do a HyCoSy until it’s below 35. It’s currently 36.2, I’ve another 3.3kg to go. I’m the same as you I’ve never seen a positive test, this is the 16th month ttc but only the 13th cycle. Are you in the UK? Have you tried Clomid yet? Xxx
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