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AF 8days late, still BFN :(

Hi ladies. Currently TTC baby #4. AF is 8days late with no signs of it showing up any time soon! I’ve done several pregnancy tests (just used the strips from the pound shop) all negative, not even the faintest second line on any! My boobs are really sore too. AF is never usually late, maybe a day early or a day late but not over a week! I have heard some people say they didn’t get their BFP until AF was 2+ weeks late, but with my previous pregnancies I’ve always got my BFP on the day AF was due or the day after! Anyone had a similar situation? X


  • What ended up happening with yours? I'm currently 13 days late and the last time I tested was 8 and that was my 3rd negative but I'm having every possible symptom and not sure what to think :neutral:
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