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Advice please

so I’m confused I used an Asda cheap test of a friend and the tip is a dark pink is it an ovulation are pregnancy test ?


  • Both the ovulation tests and pregnancy tests from asda have pink caps. I think the pregnancy is darker pink.
    The problem is without the instructions you have no way of knowing if you followed the instructions correctly. I don't know what difference it makes but I've seen some say dip in urine for 5 seconds and some say 20 seconds.
  • This is the one I used last night and people said it’s an ovulation one 
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    I think that's an ovulation one and the pregnancy ones have a lid that is more purpley.
  • I searched about them and some people use them as pregnancy so idk
  • Some people say an ov test can detect pregnancy but i don't know as I've never tried it.
  • This is what I mean I screenshot yes this 
  • oh yeah i see what you mean. I have used the pregnancy tests but have none in my house so can't remember. Your colour doesn't match what Asda have online but maybe they just have crappy packaging where the colour doesn't look true to life...
  • This is what i can see on their website but neither look right
  • It’s look like an really faded pink it’s jsut I’ve been bloated lately and I had a faint positive on Saturday on a first response but then a negative again so idk 
  • Ooh sounds promising though if you got a faint positive on a first response. When you got a negative after that was it with first morning urine?
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