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Can I be pregnant?

This could a long shot, but I need help. (TMI warning) 
So my husband and I have been ttc since October 2018 after I had my iud removed. Last month after af, came time to dtd during my fertile time and we did. My husbands job has him gone all week so it’s hard to have him home during the fertile time but we finally made it this month. After we had sex I started spotting very light pink blood and then it stopped. (Keep in mind af was due any day) and normally when we have sex around the time it’s about to come, I’ll spot the light pink for a few hours and then she’ll come full force all the way. Very very heavy. But this month was different. I just spotted the light pink for a few hours and it stopped for a day or so and then it became light brown discharge for a few hours, went to bed, woke up and still the brown discharge but no af. Then later into the day it finally “showed up” started getting a bit heavier but nothing like a normal period. After finally coming after being 2 days late and not my normal heavy flow, I’m not sure what to think. I’m now on day 2 of af and it’s still a light flow when it should have been VERY heavy and dark with tons of clots by now. All pregnancy tests are negative and I don’t have any symptoms other than being EXTREMELY tired/sleepy, cramping on and off and moody. Could I be pregnant or is it just a weird period this month??


  • I was always sure the most fertile time was 12-14 days before your period is due. The fact you’ve been bleeding and took tests which are negative would make me think you aren’t pregnant this month. But there’s no harm in testing again in a couple days. Xx
  • I’m probably not. But the way this months period is coming through has me crazy. I’ve never had one like this before. Thank you for the feedback. :)
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