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Has anyone tried one step pregnancy tests?

Hello I've been using one step pregnancy tests, but after reading some reviews I'm not sure how reliable they are, what's everyone's experiences with these tests? 


  • Hi sophiebee, I definitely had some with this pregnancy that I still got bfn on them even though I had a bfp on frer and a digital so based on that wouldnt recommended them. The biggest reason I brought different tests this time is because I had such obvious symptoms and was convinced the 1st step were wrong. Cant say with my other pregnancies as not sure what I used then but never had a bfn on one yet bfp on a different brand before. Personally would recommend sticking to frer tests and waiting until near af to test as far more accurate in my opinion x
  • Hey thanks for your response I've been using them and my af is already a couple days late, think I will try a different brand! Xx
  • yeh i dint find the one step tests usefull good luck on testing hunnie xx
  • I used and had the faintest line, then had a lovely line with a FRER the same day. I think they are good but not early detection! X
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