Trying in May - anyone want to join me?

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Hello everyone. First time posting for me. 
My husband and I are officially about to start trying this month for baby number 3. We have two wonderful children eldest (son) is 8 and autistic and daughter is 5. I’m hoping this won’t be a long journey for us this time. Our first son took 9 months after two bad mcs. We were incredibly lucky with our daughter and caught on the first attempt. 
Anyone else just started this journey? Lots of baby luck for everyone trying to conceive this month 



  • I’ve been TTC for about 2 months now, I have a good feeling that this month is the month. I don’t know why lol but hoping for BFP for us both. What do you think about this ovulation test? Pos or neg? 
  • Looks incredibly strong, looks like it could be a bit stronger but definitely positive. I would go  for it tonight. I’m not due to ovulate till next week so I’m going to start doing the tests then. Fingers crossed. 
  • I'm 6dpo today and have been trying for baby #3 for awhile now. 
    Im bad about taking test early and I did Just that today and got a thick colorless line in like 2 min on internet cheapie strip But I dont Think it means anything it was followed by a negative. 
  • I’m trying for my 1st. Ovulating next week sometime I would say. Just over AF. Here we go again xx
  • So my period was normal in March of this year and I did have sex three days after my period went off. So when April period it was 5 days late but it was not a heavy bleeding it was only when I wiped I saw blood and it was not enough to fill a pad. I only was bleeding for three days and I thought it stop and had sex but it didn't and they next day I wiped and I saw blood again. Then it stop!!! So I went by the ouvlation on my phone and had sex leading up to ouvlation and after ouvlation too!!! I just took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I need answers have anyone been through this?? Did I test to early???
  • Guests89 I had very odd periods like that where the bleeding was so fine then stop then come back again. I did some research and they recommend taking vitamin b6 and magnesium to help regulate your monthly cycle. Worth a try. 
  • Got my first light line on a ovulation stick today, it’s not a positive but the chances are it will be in the next couple of days but it’s just typical as my mum is coming to stay with us for a few days so no quiet time for me and my husband while she’s around, looks like we may have to wait till next month, but not counting my chickens just yet as dtd this morning anyway. 😬
  • Hi ladies. I just wanted to chat to someone as in 'real life'. Tend not to tell anyone my ttc business! And it's a bit of a mood killer to talk about it too much with hubby.

    Had a miscarriage back in February and have been waiting for my periods to come back in line. Just got my first peak fertility on clearblue digital advanced ovulation tests yesterday. I was pretty thrilled as we are trying again. Really trying to control my hopes as know this night take a while to get pregnant all over again. 

    Nice to hear other people 's stories.
  • Herestohoping big hugs. I’ve had two mcs before and it really had me worried but I now have two kiddies and they are a blessing. Glad you got a positive Opk fingers crossed you won’t be waiting much longer to get the bfp. Baby dust your way. X
  • MrsS lovely to hear from you. And encouraging to know your experience. Trying for our first and miscarriage has thew me a bit thinking maybe that is going to just keep happening for me. Hopefully not. 

    I hope we all get our bfp very soon and have healthy pregnancies!

    I was super happy to see that solid smiley face again.. Then you start reading about false positives on forums.. Lol I do not help myself. I'll try to keep my obsession at a minimum!!
  • Hey first time joining a post - but going mad trying to keep all my concerns to myself! 
    You’re right Herestohoping - Why do we feel we need to be secretive when TTC?

    I’m in 2ww at the moment - due period in 8days. Been trying for a year - had a chemical last year, but nothing since.

    Good luck to all on here - sending positive vibes to you guys! 
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    @KKMAC it is tough because as a couple we are trying to enjoy the ttc bit so that it doesn't become a task! But also that means I don't really want to tell hubby all of my obsessive thoughts and wonders! It does drive you a bit mad. Anytime you want to vent or express your concerns im here probably thinking something similar if you need! :)

    I hope we don't have to wait too much longer xx
  • @Herestohoping I also had a mc in Feb and just after my 3rd cycle since so I’m anxious to get a BFP ASAP!!
  • @newbie2019 I'm so sorry to hear, its so awful. Didn't expect to feel like this but after it happened all I want is to be pregnant again. This is my 3rd cycle since it happened too. Had a bit of a weird one this cycle but did confirm ovulation /lh surge with digital ov test so that's something.

  • I ovulate late, I’m CD12 at the mo but it could be another 5 days until I ovulate. I’m doing acupuncture at the moment and taking proceive. I’ll try anything x
  • I ovulate late too. CD 19 this month. I hope your acupuncture going well I've heard that it is great for fertility boost. Fingers crossed this is our month xx
  • I’m booking an acupuncture appointment as I read this...anything to help boost our chances! 🙏🏻
  • Hi ladies just wondered if I could join on? 
    Been TTC since October 2018 after nexplanon removal. Had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in March had my first AF now currently TTC. Been using OPKs and they are getting gradually darker so hoping I ovulate in next couple of days! Feeling really hopeful which worries me as I don’t want to be crushed if it doesn’t happen this month. It’s always reading about how fertile you are after m/c that makes me think it should happen soon. Baby dust to you all x
  • Hi dnr1996. Sorry to hear about your experience recently. I had my miscarriage in Feb. Now trying too. I really hope you get your positive opk soon.
    I too have read a lot about when is best to get pregnant after miscarriage and if you have a fertility boost after one and some say you do so I'm hopeful too! Just like you.. Really dread the disappointment each month.
    Hope we get our good news soon. 
  • @Herestohoping sorry to hear about your m/c too, it was my first pregnancy too so I’m feeling the pressure more :( 
    i saw earlier on the post your ovulation is confirmed ? Are you in the TWW now? Hope it goes quick for you and you get that BFP 
    im trying to focus on thinking each person is different, my partner is so laid back and says he wishes he could swap places with me, if only it were that easy! 
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