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Faint positive or evaporation line?



  • Hi, I would say that’s a positive! 😁 congratulations. ☺️🎉
  • I’m having the same debate with myself now. Can anyone see another line or am I just being hopeful? Xx

    AKJ2014 - you definitely have a line :) 
  • I can see a faint line on both! Congratulations both!! 
  • Bluenose24 I can definitely see a line!!!! I took a similar test again the other day and came out just like that !!! Xx
  • I see a line on both :)
  • Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone else see the very feint line on the bottom one? 🤔

    The one above was yesterday. 
  • I can see a faint one.. I'd recommend a pink dye test x
  • I can see a faint one.. I'd recommend a pink dye test x
    Thanks. I will pick one up. I’m five days from AF and my fiancé and I only started TTC this month. 

    I have a dr appointment this afternoon (booked to see if the fibroids could cause any issues), and don’t know whether to mention the tests to the dr or not. X

  • I'm also 4-5 days before AF also. 

    You could take the test with you and show him :smile: there wouldn't be any harm in doing so x
  • Fingers crossed for both of us. 

    Great idea - thank you 😊 x

    As much as I’m trying to remain relaxed about TTC, it’s so stressful 🙄 x
  • Let me know how you get on :smile:

    Isn't it!! Is this your first? X
  • We’re on second month of ttc after coming off the pill in Jan so periods not 100% back to normal yet. Last month was 3 days late and now 5 days late. I bought a clear blue digital test on the way to work and can’t wait to get home and try it! We’re going away this weekend with the in-laws so need to know whether to avoid alcohol or not 🙈
  • Fingers crossed bluenose24! Let us know!! 

    I came off the pill after 10 years roughly and it took me 6 months (3 cycles!) To conceive! So I got my fingers crossed for you. My first cycle was 56 days, second 46 and then I conceived on 3rd. 

    What time will you be testing? I'm excited for you!! X
  • Let me know how you get on :smile:

    Isn't it!! Is this your first? X
    Thanks lovely. Will do x

    And you. When are you testing? X

    I miscarried at four months years ago, and have had quite a few early MCs. 

    I didn’t think I’d want to put myself through trying, but my fiancé and I would really like a family x
  • Fingers crossed bluenose24. Really hope you have to avoid alcohol x
  • I'm not sure to be honest - I really want to test now! (Haven't got any tests in haha) 

    Oh bless you - that must of been difficult. That's understandable, just take every day as it comes. My fingers are crossed that this is your BFP though x
  • Massive respect for your willpower of not having tested yet. Amazon prime is really handy to get them quickly if you don’t want to go shopping x

    I will certainly try to thank you. Likewise - be fab of we both get our BFPs x

  • When I conceived my little girl I took about 10 tests 🙈🤣 trying to avoid that!! Lol. 

    I have to go do a food shop in a bit when my LG wakes from her nap so may grab one then! Although, Amazon is cheaper lol! 

    I agree!! Fingers crossed x
  • 🤣 It’s so easy to take so many. I’ll be doing another one tomorrow no doubt 🤦🏼‍♀️ x

    Aw how old is your LG? X
  • It is isn't it!! I just couldn't believe it 🙈

    She is 15 months on Tuesday :smile: .. if I conceive this cycle there will be 23 months between them 😍x
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