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Problems conceiving after implanon/nexplanon

I got the implanon when I was 16-17 and had it in the full 3 years. Right after it was up I got the nexplanon then got married and had it removed because we wanted to conceive. My periods slowly started returning to normal and I would conceive only to miscarry. After my divorce a few years ago I got with my current bf and we have been having unprotected sex since we got together, almost 2 years now, and we have had a few scares but the tests are always negative. My periods have been getting worse too with cramps and new symptoms too like excessive hunger and fatigue. I've been off this birth control for almost 5 years and I'm starting to wonder if I've become sterile. I also was told by my mom that she knew a woman who had been off the implanon for 8 years before she could have a child. Has anyone experienced this?
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