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Ttc after birth control

edited May 30, 2019 12:26PM in Trying to conceive
hey everyone!

this is our first cycle ttc after being on the pill for 10 years. I took my last pill on April 27 and started my period/withdrawal bleeding from the pill on April 30-May 4. 

I was was supposed to start af again on Sunday May 26 and nothing. I had some very light cramping 2 days ago that lasted an hour. The past 2 days I’ve been nauseous at night time and starving throughout the day.

i tested yesterday morning and it was a bfn. My cervix this whole week has been been high hard and closed and tilted towards my back. Woke up this morning to a small rash under my left breast too 

Is this normal? 


  • Hi! So I came off the pill after 10 years also. Everyone's cycles are different but here's my story... Came off the pill in January 2017, had withdrawal bleed then cycle was 56 days long! Period then next cycle was 46 days long.. then the next cycle was unknown length as that's when I conceived my little girl who is now 15 months old! So 3 cycles but 6 months!! So keep at it!! :smile:
  • I came off the pill after 8 years (pill with no break) in 31st December 2017, had my first period 26th march 2018, found out I was pregnant 23rd February 2019, miscarried 29th april 2019 x
  • Amnx so sorry to hear that❤️
  • thankyou xxx
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