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Trying in June - anyone else?

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Thought I’d do a thread for us all to support one another & hopefully celebrate some BFP’s also

June will be cycle 2 for baby #2, that’s if my period every comes (currently on CD50!!!!) what about you? xxx 


  • I'll join! May was a chemical for me and my period has been longer at 10 days. Been fed up. But... New cycle. Day 11. Usually ovulate between 19 and 22 so I have a little while to wait but hopefully I will have some company on this thread.
    Using clearblue digital advanced ovulation tests. Still empty circle. We shall see. Let's pray for us all!!! 
  • Butterfly I hope af comes soon for you so that you get a fresh start. 
  • Thank you @Herestohoping

    I have never used ovulation sticks you know, mainly because I suffer with PCOS so don’t ovulate without medication - well that’s what was said when TTC baby #1, currently undergoing all the same tests again. Had a small bleed this morning so HOPING this is the start of AF so I can go the hospital and get my day 1 bloods done :) 

    Sorry last month wasn’t great for you! Fresh start this month ! Xx 
  • Oh I really hope its af for you butterfly. Keep me posted and we can get through June together with our frustrations!! 
  • June 14th last year was the day we had to let our baby Maisey Rose go and say goodbye to our poorly miracle baby. So june is a hard one for me but we are still TTC and looking into IVF  which is costing a fortune so far so im hoping for another miracle suprise pregnancy as all the hormone injections they give u for ivf seem so daunting 
  • Hello. I am hoping for a BFP in June. It'll be my 7th month TTC #1. 
    I am currently on CD6. Fertile window will start soon. I temp only, no OPK.

    Sorry for the tough times you have been through.
  • I'll join! I'm currently on cycle #2 off the pill, CD31. Last cycle was 36 days long so I'm hoping that AF doesn't arrive and I can test in a few days 🤞 this will be my second, my little girl is 15 months old x
  • @Susiegirlygirl I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been through, and I can only imagine how hard & daunting IVF is, I was booked in to have our IVF journey started on the 27th March 2015 & lucky for me that was our sexing scan for our now 3 and a half year old little girl - so I sort of know how scary it can be. 

    @Sharon88 good luck for this month! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you! 

    @TryingForSecond oooo exciting do keep us posted!!! 

    So as I mentioned I woke to what I thought was the beginning of AF but nothing since, so cycle day 52 is beginning , send help ! :( 
  • I’ll join! I have been staying out of these forums this month but on CD16 now and I came off the pill end of December. Tried so so hard this month not to stress..only to be greeted with a UTI the past week. Really really hoping it doesn’t mess up our chances this month! I have been booked in for 21 day bloods just to check everything is working as it should because it’s been 6 months trying and will be my second pregnancy, with my first (he is 6 and a half now!) he was a total surprise and I fell pregnant super easily I assume. 
    Sorry for all others have been through, let’s just hope we all get our good news this month! X
  • I’d like to join too. I had my second early miscarriage this month so I am not sure whether we should wait a month before trying again. I don’t quite know when I will ovulate or get my period so completely understand why waiting makes sense, although as I’m 35 it feels like a wasted month :/ when there isn’t loads of time :/
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    I’ll join please. Not sure where I am in my cycle. Had a positive pg test yesterday and then 3 negative ones today so not a clue! I had what I thought was early af from 16/5 for 3 days but was very light, no tissue and no cramps. We’ve been trying for a LONG time to get our rainbow baby so defo not missing out on a month. Think I might start temping tomoz and see if I can see a spike at any point and then opk to confirm. If it was actual af and all this stress hasn’t messed me up then I should have my fertile window from 22/6 so defo trying then! Baby dust to everyone x
  • New here! TTC take 2. Last month was first official month and ended in very early miscarriage. Not sure where I’m at this month. I placed ovulation at Thursday but I’m cramping up today and wondering if what happened last month has messed my cycle up a little. Hate not knowing what’s going on down / in there...!!
  • I am feeling like actual shit today, bloated, gassy, fatigued and still no AF. CD 52 !!!!!!!! 

    @KL10 im waiting to have my 21 day bloods too, I have the blood forms just no AF , currently on cycle day 52 😩 let us know how you get on, I’m sure will all be fine tho lovely fingers crossed & good luck TTC. 

    @SmithL35 so sorry to hear of your loss lovely, I know what you mean tho it’s such an impossible situation! Are you feeling any clearer today? 

    @Liz_H2 sending you lots of baby dust - how long have you been TTC if you don’t mind me asking? 

    @RememberToBreathe welcome darling , sending lots of baby dust. So sorry for your loss also 

  • Butterfly - CD52 but you're not out!! When I came off the pill in 2017 my first cycle was 56 days! Got everything crossed x

    Liz have you tested again since?? 🤞

    KL10 I hope your bloods come back soon!!

    Smith, go for it if you feel like you're ready! I hope this is your cycle. 

    Baby dust to you all lovely ladies x
  • I don't want to get my hopes up but I've just done a comparison of my chart when I conceived my LG in 2017 to this cycle currently 10dpo. I feel like I see them quite similar 🤞 got tests arriving today x 

  • Thank you both :) I’m fine, almost a week has gone and still minimal blood. But when that’s all gone we might start again x
  • Thank you both :) I’m fine, almost a week has gone and still minimal blood. But when that’s all gone we might start again x
  • Thanks @Butterfly07 and glad you’re feeling ok @SmithL35. I wasn’t sure whether to give it a go this month or not as wasn’t sure on my cycle but decided it was worth a shot, losing a whole month does seem a waste in your mid-thirties. Mind you, I think we possibly missed the window but hopefully the silver lining is I get AF and can work out better from there where I’m at next month! Fingers crossed for you @TryingForSecond
  • Yes that’s true, if we tried and missed it’s a bonus that I could then be on top of tracking. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi all
    This is my first time ttc, I came off the mini pill 2 weeks ago. I haven’t had a bleed yet and I think I’m ovulating.
    Does anyone know if that’s possible without having a bleed? I keep reading confusing things about coming off the pill and ttc? 
    I had hoped to have a bleed first then I would be able to start fresh and work out dates correctly but I don’t want to miss this opportunity if I am ovulating!
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