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Advice needed!!!

My period is 3 days late ( due on the 28th) I have taken two FRER tests one which was 6 days before my missed period and one 2 weeks ago. I have also taken a cheapy test and all BFN. 

My periods the last year or two have been irregular but the last 2 months they have been dead on the 28th . But because of this I will not know when I ovulate which is making things that much harder

My first pregnancy( I misscarried) I took a test and was negative after missing a period for a whole month. But later then it came back positive. 

what do you guys think?
just my period being irregular, or early pregnancy?


  • Hi Rebecca, I would wait a week and if AF still hasn't arrived I would test. Irregular periods are a big pain. I've PCOS so totally understand!
  • @CC0518

    thankyou for replying! 
    I’m going to do what you said and wait another week . What makes me think is that, can you imagine if I had waited for my AF to do a hpt.. after being late and still having a negative test. I’d be even more devastated than what I already am! 

    I think I have PCOS myself but I’m too afraid to go to the doctors and face the facts! i suffer with facial hair badly - to the point where I’m plucking hairs under my chin every 1-2 days:(
  • I have PCOS and if you go to the GP they have SO much that can help these days, although it’s incurable you can go on medication to help regulate your cycles AND help with the hairgrowth too :)
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