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Advice please?

Ok so.. i came off the pill 18th April. I’m due a period in 3 days time, however.. on Sunday I lost some clear stretchy discharge ! so I’m assuming I’ve ovulated pretty late in this cycle maybe down to the pill, but my question is 3 days later I had cramps on the Wednesday and also the Thursday as though I was going to come on my period, but I haven’t .. yet anyway! Could this be implantation cramping? I’ve read around and I’d never heard of it til now, has anyone else had any experiences with this? 


  • Have you had a period since you came off the pill? It could be implantation or as you say it could be cramps as you’re due on. I guess it’s one of those wait and see things. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful 
  • @Lpop Yeah I had a withdrawal bleed as they call it a few days after and then I had my first period the 8th May. So fingers crossed.. we started trying straight after I stopped the pill feels like a life time ago! 
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