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TTC June over 35

i have been trying for roughly two months to get pregnant. No luck, ovulation calendar no protection. When should I seek a fertility doctor? 


  • They usually won’t see you regarding fertility until you have been actively trying for 12 months. The average time it takes to fall pg is 18 months. Best of luck x
  • In Ireland, the recommendation is to see a doctor after six months of trying with no sucess, if over 35.

    You've just started trying to concieve, so try not to worry too much about it x. 
  • Thank you, the anxiety is so high as I’m constantly thinking about it but I guess I should relax and just enjoy it until we have been trying for a while 
  • I think it's very hard not to get obsessed once you start trying to conceive. The TWW would drive me crazy. That's why these forums are great, you realise that you're not the only feeling the way you do.
  • Definitely at least I’m not going crazy it’s all normal feelings 
  • I’m on the cusp of 35 and my doctor has said go talk to him if six months in we aren’t pregnant. Might be worth making an appointment if you get to that stage, worst thing is they tell you to go back six months on I guess!?
  • Thanks I hopefully have 4 months in which I can practice practice practice 
  • Thanks I hopefully have 4 months in which I can practice practice practice 
    They do say that practice makes perfect!
  • Hello there, I turned 35 in March. May was/is the 3rd TTC month. 11dpo today. I will see by the end of this week if we are half through or fingers crossed BFP. GP advised to see her after 6 month. 

    We are trying for our first baby? How about you ladies?
  • 1st baby, 2nd month TTC. Chemical pregnancy last month. Happened the day after AF due and hadn’t tested. Fingers crossed for this month but am worried I got my dates wrong and cycle was a bit off. Typical!
  • What is a chemical pregnancy 
  • @RememberToBreathe I am sorry to hear about the CP! :( Have you been using OPK? Checking BBT? 
  • What is a chemical pregnancy 
    It’s a very early miscarriage. I think you have to be 6 weeks for it to be called a miscarriage though. Anything under is a chemical pregnancy. I think a lot go unnoticed and are thought to be a period. But I have the easiest periods and know that what happened last month wasn’t a period. Onwards and upwards! 
  • Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I’m due Sunday and hoping it won’t come. But I have zero symptoms so its very unlikely I’m pregnant
  • @Remedios thanks, it was upsetting as I’d felt pregnant and thought we’d been really lucky. I OPK’d this month but just kept getting faint lines even though I had all my usual ovulation symptoms so I ignored it and went with what I felt. Guess we’ll see soon whether that was the right thing or not! Not done BBT yet but might give that a go next cycle.
  • I’m thinking of doing bbt next month so I can track it better 
  • I’m thinking of doing bbt next month so I can track it better 
    I need to read into it to work out what it actually is...!
  • @RememberToBreathe I have been using Clear Blue digital and I can recommend it. @Hopeful352020
    BBT is great as it confirms that you ovulated. Also might see implantation dip. This is my first month of checking BBT. Hopefully the last! :)

  • I love this video! 
  • Well I’ve bought a thermometer and downloaded a chart template to use so presuming I don’t get my BFP this month (due 13th I think) then I will start charting. I do think that I ovulated late this month but because I get cramps for about five days around it it’s hard to pin point and so hopefully charting will confirm once it’s happened. I’ve also realised that I was doing the OPKs with FMU so this might explain why I never got a dark line / positive. So much to learn! 
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