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Hormone imbalance or....???

I have scoured the internet for WEEKS hoping to find some understanding of WHAT is going on with my body but I am more confused than EVER before and in need of some input from some seasoned TTCrs ;) Background: After having a LEEP 2.5 years ago, I had the mirena IUD for 2 years. It was removed in October 2018 and my very amazing man and I have been trying to conceive ever since. I have a 14 year old and he has a 4 year old from previous relationships and we both had those children without even "trying". He is 37 and I am 34. My cycle regulated very quickly after the IUD was removed and has been strong and steady 28 days ever since. Because of the LEEP I don't produce the same amount of cervical fluid as most who have not had one so we use PreSeed to help. The last two months though I have had a TON of textbook EWCM for a few days around the middle of my cycle and then it dries right up like it should. This last cycle has been VERY different and I am VERY lost and am wondering if it's time to call the Dr and see if something is WRONG. 9DPO I had VERRRRRY light pink spotting mixed into my CM. 10DPO I had the TINIEST bit of bright red streak in my CM after BD. Then nothing. From 9DPO on my CM never properly dried up or thickened like it has done every single month before. It stayed WET. Not necessarily EWCM but if checking my cervix it was always very slippery and wet inside. CD29 (which became CD1) I started my period right on time. It was exceptionally light and didn't even require a tampon day 1. Day 2 was HEAVY but was mostly clotted. Day 3 was so light it didn't even fill half of one tampon the entire day/night. And then it's been brown spotting for CD 4, 5 and today is 6. Normally my period is 4 days of heavy flow one day of spotting and then it shuts off clean. I noticed today as well that it's brown spotting but my CM is almost EWCM- clear and white mixed and slippery, almost like snot (TMI, sorry!). Definitely not the dry days like it "should" be. I know estrogen can cause changes in CM but can hormonal imbalances make everything be this... off? At what point, given our ages (37 and 34) and the fact that we have been TTC for 7 months with no success and now this sudden change in my cycle, should we give up and go see a Dr?


  • Hi I am the same age as you and my hubby is same age as yours.... we have been trying for our third for 4.5 years..... I have been through all the tests- and have been told everything is fine...but yet still nope...we have had 2 early m.c since trying I also feel it may be a hormone issue but docs have said no levels are fine :neutral:
  • I think u are over analysing. 7 months isnt long at all and u are still young. If u are tgis obsessed with your cervical fluid it means that u are very focused on getting pregnant and sadly when its all we think about its like our bodies repel and do the opposite.  U have  regular periods thats the main thing. U dont really need to worry or see a doc till uve neem ttc at least a year minimum  if u relax amd stop thinking and analysing then its more likely to happen for u xxx
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