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hi ladies. Hope you are all well. Looking back through my old post and wondered how you were all getting on this month? Has anyone had any success yet? Where are we in our cycles now if not? I’m CD9 today so still a fair way off. Will start using OPKs from CD12 as last month it was CD17 I got a positive. Really hoping this is our month still. 

Fingers crossed. X


  • Hi @*MrsS*

    I'm still lurking around the forum but pretty much given up now. CD23 - could be anywhere between 4-8dpo as don't bother tracking and depends if my body decided this is a short cycle month or a longer cycle month. If it follows my typical pattern it should be a shorter one but do feel I ovulated around  CD 19 so in line for another 31 day cycle.

    Hope this cycle is a good one for you! Thanks for checking in  :)
  • Hi @*MrsS* thank you for the mention! Hope you are well.
    Sorry I haven’t caught up on the other thread it’s been a bit of a whirlwind! I got my BFP last month! Currently 6 weeks today but I’m so anxious so I’ve tried to keep off threads and reading around for a few more weeks else I will drive myself mad! I had the miscarriage at 8 weeks started spotting at 7 weeks 5 days so starting to worry as I get nearer to that time! 
    Baby dust to you all ladies hope you get your Bfp soon! 
  • Hi @*MrsS*
    Thanks for the check in, hope you’re doing well!
    i am CD21 today, due to ewcm I’m sure I O’d around 16/17 but I don’t temp or Use OPKs so can’t be certain. Yesterday I had my smear and had to have a couple of biopsies taken from my cervix (second time due to Abnormal cells) so hoping that if this was the month nothing bad has happened. I’m due AF on father’s day so will wait til then to test, I came off the pill in December so really ready now! Hope you get your BFP this month xx
  • @*MrsS* Hey there. I'm on cd17 right now. 4th day flashing smiley. Think I'm due to ovulate between cd19-22 so just waiting. Cheap strips don't even have a second line yet so thinking am a way off yet. We are bd everyday and trying to keep the momentum :P..
    Had a really awful time past few weeks emotionally but iam feeling on the up. Suspicious that the link is that I'm hopeful again this month which is a slippery slope :(. Trying to stay occupied as much as possible.
    Hope you all get your positives soon ladies whether it's ov or preggo.. Missed you MrsS x
  • Hi *MrsS* I've kept in eye on the May ttc chat but i haven't felt like i have much to say. Nice of you to check in 😊
    I am on CD12 and think today might be my ovulation day. I am waiting for my temp to confirm.

    I don't know if you'll think it is silly but i am trying positive affirmations this month. So i say out loud positive things about being pregnant. Even though it is a bit silly it is meant to have an affect of relaxing you. I get do stressed with the ttc so a bit less stress would be good.
  • It’s so good to hear from you all. I felt the other chat had been taken over so much and hadn’t seen much commenting from us initial ladies so thought may be nice to have a chat of our own for now to keep updating on how we are doing. 

    Dmr congratulations on on your bfp. I will keep my fingers tightly crossed it’s a sticky bean. Does anything feel different this time to last. When I had an Mc something just didn’t feel right throughout the pregnancy in comparison. 

    Im only cd9 so very early days this month. Plan is to try bd every other day for as long as we can go till we know we have basically covered the month. I know it’s only early trying for us still in comparison to most of you but I’m worried we are leaving everything far to long to really try and my daughter will be 6 in October and it’s going to be a really big age gap which ideally I didn’t want. 

    Fingers crossed for us us all this month. Baby dust to all. Xxx
  • @*MrsS* thank you! It’s so strange you said that because I do, last time I had pregnancy symptoms but the minute I found out I felt weird and very very anxious constantly worrying about miscarriage. This time round I’m having all symptoms again but feeling a lot more positive and relaxed , I’m even thinking about not having an early scan just letting things happen as they’re supposed to! I hope this is a good sign! I have my first midwife appointment Saturday but worried as it’s so early still but hoping she can settle a few of my burning questions lol xx
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    congrats @Dmr1996 Fingers crossed the midwife answers all your questions on Saturday.

    Hopefully this is the month for the rest of us.

    I freaked out a bit last month that we have been trying for 6 months but once i got AF out the way i felt OK. 

    @*MrsS* Your daughter will be excited to have a baby brother or sister though. When it happens it'll be exciting for her as well as you 😊
  • Hi MrsS, lovely to hear from you. I’m just over my second miscarriage so my GP has referred to to a gynecologist. That’s 2 miscarriages, one in Feb and one this month so hoping the gyne can shed some light and help me out xx
  • Sharron it’s actually my autistic son who wants a baby the most. He has been pestering me for months and months now and asks me every week of there is a baby in my tummy. I was showing very early with my daughter (about 5 weeks) so when we do get pregnant I will have to hide myself very well from my son till we know we have the all clear at the 12 week scan 🙈.  My daughter isn’t so happy about the idea of not Being the youngest haha. I really do hope this is my month. 

    Im getting a lot of Cm at the moment which is odd for me as it’s quite early in my cycle. I have a feeling I may ovulate early this month so I’m stating the ovulation tests today. Temp is up and down which apparently is good at this stage. Don’t want to get my hopes up though but this really would be the ideal month to conceive for us. 

    Newbie I do hope you get your answers soon. It’s heart breaking after having two you truly think you may never conceive but iv got two perfectly healthy children so it can and will happen. Best of luck. Xx
  • Thank you @Sharon88 I hope so too
    @Newbie2019 I’m so sorry to hear this I hope they can give you the answers and support. 
    Wishing all you ladies the best of luck this month I hope you get your BFPs!! 
  • MrsS sounds like you're doing the right thing with the testing early if you're getting signs. Got to follow your body. 
    I'm on day 5 of flashies and finally got a second faint line on opk. So lh must be building up in hoping anyways. Bd every day since first flashy and hoping we can keep the momentum going... Emotionally I do better this time of month where there is hope again. Last month was almost as bad as having another miscarriage because of the chemical. I was terrible. Hubby has looked after me. Its hard because I don't tell anyone else like my friends as I'm super private and don't have close ones really. Tempted to tell my mam and sister for support.. But to be honest I hate the idea that they are now waiting each month for me to be pregnant again. So don't like to bring attention to it or sounds like a broken record. 
  •  herestohoping I’m definitely having early ovulation. Test is darker today than yesterday, still not quite yet though. I may hoping it won’t be this weekend though as staying at my mums this weekend to go see Elton tomorrow night and it’s not exactly easy to bd at her house 🙈😖  

    good on yoy you trying to bd every day, I struggle to be fair as my energy is so low that I’m asleep before my husband comes to bed most nights and if he dare wake me when iv only been asleep a short time I’m a possessed woman haha. We dtd the other nights so hoping to try hold off until Sunday night or until we get a positive opk test. 

    This is has got to be the month for us all. 🤞🏻 Xx
  • Definitely think I’m close to ovulating the opk was stronger when I did a test earlier. Not positive yet. Just got back from Tesco with my sister and they had the cb digital opk tests in the reduced section as low dates, only £9 so thought I would give them a try tomorrow and see how it goes. As may be more accurate than the internet cheapies I’m using. Fingers crossed. X
  • Hi guys in going mad. Day 8 off flashing smiley and cheap opk strips totally negative. Want to cry at the thought of no ovulation this month. 
    MrsS did you get your positive yet? Xx
  • Herestohoping bless you how frustrating. I’m in a very similar place to be honest in that my head is all over the place, I was getting stronger lines on my opks and then all of a sudden they have gone really light but I’m not sure if I have missed my surge yet my temp has dropped dramatically to below 36. Yet iv got the ewcm and a few cramps. I don’t know if I am really close or my body is messing with me. Annoyingly I left the cb opks at my mums yesterday so iv only got my cheap tests at home. Going to test after work and see if there is a change today as yesterday’s test I could barely see a line. My husband has been a pain lately and hasn’t been in the mood to bd so haven’t done it for three days. Got to get him going tonight as technically on cd13 today and really don’t want to think we have missed out again this month. 

    Have your taken any b6 or magnesium it’s meant to help you ovulate  I can’t say it 100% works but when you are desperate you will try anything you can. Xx
  • Oh no. I hope you ovulate soon. Like you I was starting to get a slightly darker line but it's went really faint again and it's the most annoying thing ever. On day 21 now. Usually ov between 19 and about now. 
    I hope tonight yous get some quality time and are feeling it. You feel much better even if you just bd but not sure when ov is happening don't you because at least you are covering the days in case it is happening and we miss it. 
    We bd 5 days then missed last night. Difficult to keep the momentum going when you are on day 8 of flashing lol. Hopefully we will get back to it tonight and no matter what is going on if we just keep bd at least we trying. Id do anything for a positive opk today. I'm using the cheap ones alongside cb as when it becomes strong second line I usually get my digital positive.
    I'm taking b6 and magnesium yes since the day after you suggested it last month. Hopefully it's helping. 
  • This is what mine looked like. Cd 10 was quite dark but not dark enough. Today’s is a little darker than the other day but still not amazing. I may do another tonight as I still have about 50 left anyway. 

    just want to ovulate so I can stop testing and pressuring my husband to bd every other night and just try to relax till the end of the month and just pray we caught. X
  • CD 10 looks positive to me?

    My cb ov tests today the second line is definitely darker than it has been but my cheap ones there is still barely a line... So confusing?? 
  • @*MrsS* are you only testing once a day with the cheapies? I don't use them but have read lots of women on here test twice a day (mid morning and evening time) to get clearer results. 

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