New to the game at 35.

Hello all. My husband just surprised me last week by saying if I wanted to have a baby he is willing to do so. He has 2 kids, 14 and 8, from previous relationships so for the 5 years we've been together it was all "don't want another ". We got married April 1st of this year. I have PCOS so I had accepted life without a baby of my own and have been on BC for most of my adult life. But now he has changed his mind and I am ecstatic and terrified! I threw away my last 4 active pills, which obviously messed up my cycle lol. So here we go to see what we can do. I cant decide if it would be scarier to conceive right away or for it to take a long time (if at all). I am on Metformin for diabetes (very well controlled,  a1c of 5.4 last time checked) and I've been taking inositol supps for a while now just to see if they could help with other symptoms. Also started taking prenatal vitamins as preparation. Sorry for my long winded intro, I'm just excited. Thanks for reading if you got this far!


  • good luck xx
  • Hello, Gezebelle! Best of luck! I've been on metformin for more than a half year. But, never worked for me. Now, I've had failed IVF attempt last year. Now, after a gap. I'm going back to it. I have the same reasoned PCOS, which makes me unable to undergo pregnancy naturally. So, after being on meds for my TTC#1 for more than 5 months. This August, I'm undergoing another attempt, on FET. So, wish me luck! I hope we both get what we want. Sending you all baby dust. :)
  • I tried to conceive for a couple of years and had failed IVF twice.  Had nearly given up, until I lost weight and conceived naturally, so never give up hope (and stay a health weight if you can, & cut out caffeine and alcohol). 
    Best of luck x
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