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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • Thank you. Weirdly AF didn't show up so I guess until she does I'll still have a small glimmer of hope x
  • Have you tested Emmy? 
  • I tested yesterday morning and it was a BFN. If AF doesn't show by tomorrow I will test again. It could be that my cycle is no longer regular after coming off the pill but I have no idea. I'm using s cycle tracker on Fitbit since my first AF since stopping the pill. Trying to stay positive.
  • Slightly confused as AF hasn't turned up and I got a BFN. I don't want to get my hopes up but I may test at the end of the week if she doesn't show. 
  • Good luck Emmy hope she stays away for you and you get your bfp xxx
  • @Trying4number2now Thank you, I was really disheartened yesterday and confused! I don't know how common it is to get a false negative, but I just don't want to get my hopes up 😔
  • Hi Emily I don’t want to give you high hopes either but I know it can take a long time for some people to get their BFP. HCG rates vary in us all and it can take weeks for it to show in some women, the only thin* I can really say that is af doesn’t show, you’re still in with a chance. Good luck, keeping fx for you x
  • Thanks @Kazam2817 I'm going to try hold off testing until the end of the week if AF doesn't show. My OH seems to think AF is just late and to let it go/ stop worrying but it's a daily worry! I have on and off cramps and incredibly sore and swollen boobs. Have had this for over a week now but every test has been a BFN. 😔
  • Fingers Crossed for u Enmy
  • Morning Ladies, hope you all had a lovely weekend. How is everyone today? Xx
  • Morning @sas1101 I'm ok! Still no AF and feeling a bit weird. Could do with another weekend!!

    Hope you have s good week 🙂
  • Morning Sas, I'm waiting to get my bloods done it's a long wait 15 has gone in I'm number 43 🤣🤣, also still waiting for my scan date to see what is happening apart from that nothing new I'm 5dpo but not holding out much hope as only got the one night in this month hope your well? Xxx

    Emmy hope she continues to stay away for you xxx

    Hope everyone else is ok? Xxx
  • @Trying4number2now Thank you, feeling a bit anxious about it all! I was chatting to my friend who has just had her first recently and she said she had a false negative on her AF due day and only tested positive a week later. Trying not to get too hopeful though x
  • Really hope that is the case for you hunni 🤞🤞🤞 xxxx
  • Emmy, keep us updated. I think it's wise to wait until the end of the week (if you can) to test. FC for you. 

    That's a long wait Trying. Hope you're not going too stir crazy. Good luck with the bloods Hun. 

    10dpo for me but I know not to expect anything die to oh results. I suppose it means I can relax ready for clinic appointment next week. 

  • Good morning Ladies, hope everyone had a great relaxing (as relaxing anything can be really whilst TTC...) weekend. :)
    CD2 for me, and 1month until our appointment for IVF, I'm getting usper excited! This morning I got an appointment for the 23rd for HSG, anyone here has any experience with that? I heard it can be painful...
  • Morning Sas-  you seem to be keeping well which is good. 
    Good luck to all in their TWW.

    Ags- sorry I don't have any experience with HSG. Also read elsewhere that it's painful and pain killers are recommended b4 undertaking the procedure. 
  • As for me,  I've been more relaxed than I expected during this TWW. I think it's partly bcos we have another IVF round left if this round fails. 

    Two days left for me to test. No unusual symptoms to report other than a severe cramp that lasted for 3mins. 
  • Hi all, 4dpo for me and the only thing I can say is I am knackered and my opus have stayed positive (I am a poas addict) so taking all that as good signs but keep thinking it could be result of the fertility drugs so trying to not be too hopeful. 

    Emmy - try and stay positive hunni, you’re only out when af shows her face and we all know how bad stress can be on our bodies (I know it’s easier said than done).

    Ags - is an HSG test the hycosy test (dye trough Fallopian tubes?, if os I have had one and can tell you my experience)

    have a a great day all, baby dust to everyone xxxx
  • Hi Kazam, yes, it is the tube check, I was told not to have unprotected intercourse until the HSG, that is CD9 so basically we can only start trying after CD9 that is not too bad as I always ovulate on CD16 or CD17, so if we start on CD10 we still don't miss the window, I am happy for that, just a bit worried what if I am in pain for days and can't BD? They said it's ok to try in the same months when I have my tube check, so that's good. What was your experience?
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