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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • Morning girls hope everyone is well! Xxx

    genabella hope the acupuncture goes well and your oh results are good 🤞 xxx

    sas fc your cycle goes back on track and your oh results are good aswell 🤞xxx

    trying and giegie hope you both are well xxx

    heytherehun fc for you please let us know as soon as you test xxx

    as for me I’m cd25 woke up with a bad belly today and I’m so so so tired, not bothered if af turns up this cycle as I now know my OJ wants to try harder for next cycle xxx
  • Welcome Hetherehun. Keeping my 🤞for you.
    Gena and Sas- I hope that your OHs  results come back ok and wishing all you ladies the best in your fertile window. 

    I had my egg collection this morning, they were only able to get two, was hoping for 4. So  the next hurdle is tmrw morning to see if they fertilise or not. I'm a bit anxious for good news after going through this process. It only takes one good quality egg, so 🤞.

  • Hi Ladies, hope you don't mind me joining,  I can see that some of you are about to or already doing IVF and I would love to know more about the process.. Our names were put on the list on the 14th of June and we were told the waiting time is somewhere between 6 and 9months, but closer to 6. OH's soldiers are less motile than they are supposed to be so we are very hopeful IVF will help us conceive. We started TTC last august, so it's not been a year yet, but I have never had even a faint second line, nothing at all that makes it soo difficult. 
    Now I am 6dpo and we only managed to BD twice (2days before O day and 1day after O day), so I am not very hopeful, but we'll see. Think I'll test on Sunday morning.

    Giegie, FC both of them will grow into nice, big embryos! Did you have to take contraceptive pills before IVF started? Can I ask what other tests did you have to do and where do you lie? How long did you have to wait for it? Sorry for the long post and the million questions! :)
  • Oh fingers and toes crossed for you Giege. My best friend had IVF in Dec, she only got one egg, they implanted it and she’s now due her baby in Sept! So it does happen! As u say u only need one good egg! 
  • Hi there. New to this, I have never posted on a forum before. Start of March I came off the pill(at the end of my pack). I had a normal period a few days after (as I would have whilst on the pill) then I assumed it would take a while for them to get back into a pattern. But they haven’t, I have a 29 day cycle each time. AF arrived again on Monday and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, if anything.We didn’t actively start trying until May but wanted to give extra time for the pill to get out of my system. 2 months of trying and 2 times AF has arrived. Just feeling a little unmotivated about it. I have the Ovia app and we regularly DTD, even when it is not my fertile window. I know it’s not a long time to be trying, just unsure what to try to help.
  • Hey, trying for no1. welcome to this mad house. 😂 

  • Hi Ladies, 

    I hope you don’t mind me joining you. I’ve never posted in a forum before so not even sure if I’m doing this right. 
    I just wanted some advice, my husband and I are looking at TTC and I just wondered if anyone had advice on take vitamins etc and which ones are best? 
    I’ve seen good and bad reviews from pregnacare, so was wondering if it’s best just to take folic acid on its own? 
  • Hey! Welcome! Lots of new faces this week. This is a great place to ask questions and vent ur frustrations 😂😂 
    I am currently taking seven seas trying for baby, purely cause they were on offer in savers. I had tried pregnacare but didn’t realise until very recently that they can cause your cycle to shift a bit. 
    Folic acid is a def, the rest is stuff like reducing alcohol, trying to eat more healthy and balanced, get a good nights sleep, common sense really I suppose. Have you got an app for tracking your cycles? I use fertility friend but there are loads, of you have a Fitbit and use the app then you can use it also to track. Helps make u aware of when you need to do the deed 

  • Haha thank you! It’s good to have someone to talk to as we’ve decided not to tell any of our friends and family, so it’s nice to chat to people all going through the a similar experience.
     Do you have to take folic acid alongside Seven seas? I’ve heard the same about Pregnacare so panicked and am not sure what to take for the best now without disrupting things you know? 
    Yes I have an app, I’ve been tracking things for the last 6 months or so now and everything seems to run like clockwork at the moment hence why I’m worried about taking something that will change things. 
  • If your concerned maybe just stick with the folic acid? I don’t take the two together as seven seas has the FA in it already. We’re the same only one of my best friends knows we are trying. I should say same rules apply for your hubby it’s not just all for you, he needs to cut alcohol, caffeine etc too. One of the big things for men too I’ve recently come across as important is making sure their man bits are not over heated, so like wearing loose shorts/Pj’s round the house in the eves was one of the things my hubby was told. 
  • Welcome to all the new ladies. 
    Thanks Gena, its reassuring to know.

    Ags - I went private so the actual waiting times before the first appointment may vary. 
    The Ivf process and treatment is tailored  to individuals so slightly different. Mine was called a long protocol. 
    Started a contraceptive like pill on day 21 of my cycle for about 13 days. AF arrived 2 days later. Had a prostap injection on day 3 of bleeding to quieten  the ovaries before stimulation with gonal F. Stimulation was for 11 days and the clinic ran scans at intervals to check for progress. And then egg collection and embryo  transfer are scheduled after then.
    The whole process (excluding first consultation) is taking about 5-6wks for me.
    Good luck hun
  • Hi to all the new ladies this thread is amazing 😁❤

    Went to see the gp today he wanted me to do another pregnancy test to rule it out.....negative of course still gutted even though I knew the result 🙄 I'm having blood tests next week and a scan apt sent through the post so hopefully will find out what is going on soon xxxx
  • Thank you Giegie, that's very helpful!
    Can I ask what tests did you have to get done before starting the process?
    We received the appointment today, it was waiting for us when we got home from work, I'm so excited! It's on the 15th of August. Can't wait. Have so many forms to fill in and about 35pages to read. What a day!
  • Ags1985 said:
    Thank you Giegie, that's very helpful!
    Can I ask what tests did you have to get done before starting the process?
    We received the appointment today, it was waiting for us when we got home from work, I'm so excited! It's on the 15th of August. Can't wait. Have so many forms to fill in and about 35pages to read. What a day!
    Yeah, the forms were something else.
    If you haven't got recent results at hand, at the top of my head they'll run tests for: Hepatitis,  clamydia, cervical smear, venereal disease,  rubella. Those are the ones that I can remember. Of course your AMH and partner's sperm analysis if you haven't done this.
    I didn't know most of these b4 hand since it is my 1st time, so this was done by my clinic. 
    It's best to call and ask them though for specifics.
  • Morning everyone! Welcome all the new ladies and good luck with your ttc journey! I hope you find all these lovely ladies as supportive and wonderful as I do! Xxx

    im cd26 today and I’m so bloated with backache and tiredness, flo app says af due in 2 days however the last 2 cycles were 25 days so I’m already longer than last cycle, I don’t know if that’s good or not xxx
  • Good morning!
    Flowers, your symptoms sound very promising!
    Giegie, thanks for the info, can I ask what was your AMH? I was told that determines the protocol etc. 
    Did you receive any updates this morning? I super excited for you!!
  • Hello all,

    Welcome to the new ladies 😊

    Ags are you going private or via the NHS for your IVF? I have my first fertility clinic appointment on the 24th July. Me and oh have had all out tests through GP so not sore what to expect. I wish you well on your journey and sending lots of baby dust. 

    Giegie, wow can't believe the journey you've been on. When do you go in for transfer (forgive me if you've already said this). Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes your way. 

    Flowers sounds promising Hun, when do you plan to test? FC for you. 

    Trying, glad your GP is sending you for some investigations. Sending you lots of hugs. 

    CD 11 for me so should ovulate tomorrow or Saturday then back in the tww. 

  • Flowers fingers and toes crossed for your bfp hunni xxx

    Thank you Sas, hope you catch the egg hunni xxxx

    Really hope for some bfp on this thread soon good luck to everyone on their different stages of the ttc journey xxx
  • Hi Sas, we are not doing it privately as we were told we can have the first round in December once all tests are done and the soonest we could do it privately is September, so decided not to pay a fortune for a round that can jeopardize the free round plus doesn't feel justified to pay for it just to win 2-3months. We have a plan though, in case the first round fails and the frozen embryo transfer fails as well then we'll revisit the option to go private, but want to give this a real shot. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, it did in my head :)
    I guess they'll tell us everything on the 15th, it just feels like it'll never come.
    My GP said they can do HIV, HEP C and B tests (I thought that would speed up the process a bit), but the fertility clinic will do them again regardless, due to confidentiality issues that was a bit surprising.. I am curious what is going to happen, that's all :)
  • That's amazing that it's moving swifty. I've been TTC for 17 months so hopefully we'll have some sort of idea about plan at appointment Inna few weeks. My oh has just called doctor's about his SA but was told that doctor needs to sign of results and to call back next week. Do you think that's a bad thing? 
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