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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • I don't think you should worry about it as unless he has no sperm you're good to go for ICSI. My DH had to go twice for SA as it was a requirement to be put on the list. Did they not tell you how long does it take to get the results back? 
    what tests did you have to get done so far? 
    17months? Here in Scotland you have to try for 2years before they put you on the list unless you have something on paper saying you qualify, so I think you are lucky! After how long of trying did you start the process? 
  • Thank Ags. My GP was very lovely when I went to see her and said she would refer me. I went to see them several times...around 8 months, 12 months and last month. I'm 37 and my oh is 48 so we don't have age on our side. Reading between the lines I think the GP has to sign off the results and give them out rather than the receptionist as SA is different for interpretation than blood results. I'm in the health care profession so deal with results all the time so not being negative just yet, and as you say there are still things they can do depending on his results. I've had day 3 and day 21 hormones tested as well FBC, LFTs, U and Es, TSH, cholesterol. MY GP tested for everything lol. I took me ages to get oh round to get a SA done though!! 
  • That's always good if your GP is thorough! I can see everywhere they talk about age as the primary factor, however in our case I am 33, and all my results were spot on, DH just turned 31 and his SA was below the required level of motility, this is how we ended on that list. 
    I am sure it won't, but if the SA comes back with low count or motility there is a great vitamin he can take that improves the numbers significantly. It did in our case. He took them for 3months and now he is only marginally under the limit. 
    Was your TSH ok? That can affect fertility. I have thyroid issues in my family (mother and grandma as well), so I was very worried they'll find something there, then it came back as 1.5 that was fine. 
  • That's good news that his results are better after three months. That's very encouraging. What was the supplement he took? My oh takes Wellman conception, Vit C and Zinc. He's very good and will take whatever I give him, he just needs reminding. All my results have been good too. My TSH was also 1.5 and my FSH was also very good. Smu have regular AFs and my ovulation is always CD12 or 13. So in that respect I'd like to think I'm reproductively healthy. It seems that me, you and Genebella are all at similar points with appointments etc so so nice to share the journey with you both. The girls on here are so lovely too and we've shared such a journey together. 

  • CD1 for me, 2days earlier than I thought. Back in the game. Really need to up the effort o tho l I’ve gotten a wee bit lazy with bding this last month or two as hubbys results Weren’t good from the first SA. Need to try harder tho this month Though now that I’m 2days out my fertility window is looking like tues-fri this month and my hubby is away mon-thirs with work. It’s an uphill battle isn’t it ladies 
  • I am very excited to share this journey with all of you, didn't think we'll ever get to this point, but I assume it's the same for all of us. The pills he took were Profertil that's not the cheapest, but in our case it was worth it. You should definitely wait to get his results back, then see he might not need any support at all. I remind my DH constantly as well :) He want to have a baby and he'll do whatever it takes (already warned it'll not be easy to live with me when I am being stimulated haha) and we both know it'll be worth it at the end. 
    According to the leaflet the clinic we are going to has a 54% success rate so that looks great, I expected slightly worse numbers. 
    Turns out my boss and his wife went to the same clinic (they have a 5year old), they said I should prepare myself for long waiting times and frustrating appointments so that discouraged me a little bit, I want to be where Giegie is already, so impatient!
  • Hi Genabella, sorry AF showed up, I understand you'd like to do more BDing, just please remember in our cases if DH's soldiers are not that strong more frequent BD can actually weaken them, they need 48-72hours to refill, maybe 36is enough, this is what our fertility specialist recommended. It is more about timing as the best is if you can do it 2days before O day, then on O day maybe in the morning, or 3days before plus 1day before O day in the evening if you can?
  • Yes I’ll have to have a look at the schedule, I think if we get thurs eve, sat morn then maybe sun nite that’s about all I can hope for 
  • Thanks for the advice Genabella! We will keep this in mind. It’s fab to have different tips from other people. 
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for all you lovely ladies 🤞🏽💗 
  • Hi all,
    I'm a bit bummed out. Only one out of 2 fertilised. Will know on Sat if it reaches day 3 and on Sun if it's a blastocyst for transfer on Mon.
    My clinic rarely do a 3 day transfer.

    I'm suspecting an egg quality issue, so may start ubiquinol for egg quality if this doesn't work out this time. 

    Ags -My AMH was 9.8 last year at 40. Forgot what it was this year, but it reduced slightly I think.

  • One is all you need! My friend was the same, and the lady in the bed next to her didn’t get any. So one is good! I know it’s hard but be kind to yourself and try to stay positive! Keeping u in my thoughts! 
  • Hi Giegie, my boss just told me their friend had only one egg put back and she has a perfectly healthy one year old now!
    I thought AMH can be between 0 and 7.5? 
  • Oh, sorry, just seen there are different measurements, it can be pmol/l (what you have) or ng/l (what I was looking at). It makes sense now, sorry!
  • Thanks for the boost of positivity Ladies😘😘. Needed that. 
  • Got all fingers and toes crossed for you Giegie hunni xxx
  • Just checked and 9.8 equals 1.37ng and above 1 is good for stimulation! :)
    Will they know tomorrow how the little embryo is doing? Or will you have to wait until Monday to find out? 
    How was the egg retrieval? Were you sore afterwards? And how was your OH's SA if you don't mind me asking?
    Sorry for the million questions again, I really wish I was already there where you are. :) 
  • Thanks Trying hunnie.

    Ags - I don't mind the questions, will answer what I can from my little knowledge.

    Yes, they'll let me know tomorrow and then Sunday again to confirmed the actual time for transfer.

    Egg retrieval was simple (15 mins, actual procedure was maybe 5mins or less). Was sedated (not full sedation though) so I don't remember a thing, but you will be very sore afterwards. The soreness is manageable but this depends on the number of follicles checked for eggs (since you know, a needle actually goes through you - there's a video online which I haven't checked out - too scared). One lady stated that she is still hunched back and in pain after one week after retrieving more than 30 eggs (those with overstimulated ovaries/follicles) so she took 2 wks off work. But only 4 follicles were checked for me and the soreness is virtually gone now.
    My OH's SA was classified as normal (don't have the figures for this though)i.e. no issues with morphology and motility.
  • Thank you for your answers, that's super helpful! 
    I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you! Please do keep us posted, so far it's doing great! 
    I'm definitely taking the day off and maybe the next one as well haha, I can feel sorry for myself all day long. That reminds me, how we're the injections? Did you have to inject yourself once a day in your stomach? Or more than once? How frequently did you have an ultrasound for your follicles? 
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    Ags1985 said:
    Thank you for your answers, that's super helpful! 
    I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you! Please do keep us posted, so far it's doing great! 
    I'm definitely taking the day off and maybe the next one as well haha, I can feel sorry for myself all day long. That reminds me, how we're the injections? Did you have to inject yourself once a day in your stomach? Or more than once? How frequently did you have an ultrasound for your follicles? 
    My stimulating injections were called Gonal F, they are the only ones with which I'm familiar. They are apparently the easiest and the least painful types to use according to what some on the internet say.
    Yes it's usually once a day unless instructed otherwise. My injections were on the stomach and then the trigger injection (given 36hrs b4 egg collection and after embryo transfer) were on the thigh. Your clinic will usually decide or may ask for your preference. Personally, I found the stomach areas less painful. 
    Number of ultrasounds depends on the individual's condition, some need it frequently than others (especially those with an abnormally high AMH) depending on how one react to the drugs/ cycles etc. I only had two.

    At first, the information will be too much to take at once (at least it was for me). So I just went with the flow.
  • Genabella sorry to hear af turned up lovely, sending hugs xxx

    hope all you ladies who are starting/going through ivf are feeling good and confident, hope it all goes well! Xxx

    just been to the toilet and had some spotting brown/pink and then had slight pinching on my right side in the bath, I don’t usually spot before af however I am not getting my hopes up I’m sure she will turn up any minute now xxx
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