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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • Genebella I agree with Giegie hunni must be frustrating for you hope you get answers and some progress soon xxx

    Giegie hunni hope the following week goes quick for you and you get your BFP 🤞🤞🤞❤, as for me the midwife told me to ring and speak to her on Monday and due to happened last time she will try to get me a scan next week 🤞🤞 xxxx

    Hope everyone else is ok? Xxx
  • @Genabella how frustrating for you. I had a similar situation when I got referred through the nhs. I had just had all my fertility tests done privately but the nhs needed their own tests, it seemed so pointless and delayed things even further. 

    @Giegie gosh has a week gone already? It’s probably dragging for you but not long now until you find out!
    My 2nd injection went well thanks. Did you suffer any side effects on buserlin? So far I just feel zapped and super tired but not sure if that’s definitely down to the meds this early on. 
  • @Trying4number2now That's nice, 🤞 that the midwife comes through for you on Monday. Every penny counts with a baby - so I'm told.
    @Lacey Till Not a week - just 3 days (luckily I'm to wait 10 days instead of 14). I didn't get buserlin cos my protocol was different. I'm sure you'll cope if or when the effects starts , we always do, don't we? 😉
  • Hi ladies,  hope everyone is doing well.
    I couldn't resist and tested yesterday and got a BFP at 6 days past embryo transfer. Unfortunately, I can't get excited yet (history  of CPs) until my OTD which is this Thursday.  I'll test again tomorrow to see if the line gets stronger or lighter 🤞🤞. I'll post a pic then if requested.
  • Hello all,

    Just checking in that everyone is good. 

    @Giegie how are things with you? How is your tww going? 

    @Lacey Till hope the Injections are going ok and side effects not too bad. 

    @Ags99 I agree with what the girls have said. If you feel going private will give you peace of mind and get you to IVF quicker then it's worth looking into. Do you have a clinic in mind? 

    I hope everyone else is doing well. Xxx
  • @giegie we messaged the same time!. That's great news, praying for a sticky bean for you and darker line tomorrow!! Xx
  • Geige I really hope it sticks for u!  
  • Giegie that is good news hoping for stronger lines in the next few days 🤞🤞xxx

    sas hope you are ok xxx

    not much to tell from me, af finished over the weekend and got a bd in early Sunday morning (oh likes it then😂), and will continue to bd every 3 days xxx
  • @sas1101 thank you. How long  have you left b4 starting with the next phase?
  • sas1101sas1101 Regular
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    @Giegie we have our nurses info session on Wednesday and then we find out. Still not 100% sure we can start this cycle or we have to wait until next cycle. I called the nurses and they said to not DTD this cycle just incase we start. Xx

    @Flowers2412 I'm good this end. Sounds like your getting the bding in early 😉 xx
  • Thanks Genabella and Flowers. This is my last IVF cycle so I'm just keeping my fx. 
  • Oh Giegie I'm really hoping for a sticky bean for you I really do 🤞❤ xxx
  • Oh Giegie I'm really hoping for a sticky bean for you I really do 🤞❤ xxx
    Thanks Trying 
  • So happy for you @Giegie I’m really hoping the test lines get darker and the little embryo keeps growing! 

    @sas1101 sounds like you are nearly ready to start so fingers crossed they give you the go ahead this cycle. I don’t want to jinx anything but so far I don’t feel any different, currently on day 6 of buerselin injection. I should be due a bleed at the end of the week then I have to call the clinic and they’ll book me in for a scan to check there are no cysts and progress to the stims injections. 

    Hope everyone else is okay x 
  • Hi Ladies!
    @Giegie so exciting, please do keep us posted! xx
    Thank you all for your support and advices, I received an appointment for the surgery from the private clinic and it will be the 11th of November! The pre-op will take place on Thursday, the 7th, then my bloods will be back on Friday and the surgery is on Monday. I am very happy with this schedule! 
    Also called the waiting times office and asked them for an update on my appointment, they said now the best case scenario is January, but it can be Feb/March so that helped me make up my mind and we are going to get it done privately. 
    Already feeling better, but nervous at the same time! 
    It means all going well we can start IVF in Jan/Feb cycle instead of Oct as we would have originally. I wish I knew NHS would let us down and would have done the surgery privately back in September, but there is no point moaning about that anymore. 

  • Ah I’m glad u have a plan of action Aggs, it will make u feel better and get things going quicker. 
    I finally got the two clinics here to communicate with each other re my oh semen results, so once I get my bloods done on the 31st the info will be reviewed and we will hopefully have a plan in motion before Xmas. I’ve made the private app also for the end of November, incase the next app takes too long. 
  • Thanks @Genabella, I think we can all relate to each other in the struggles with NHS, doesn't matter where we are exactly in this process but we either have already experienced the lengthy delays and painfully long waits or we are about to... 
    As you said in this case I know having the surgery done privately will get us to start IVF taking us out of this misery of just sitting around waiting. Then we might end up waiting again, but at least this part is already behind us. 
    When we had our initial consultation for IVF we were told to wait for 2cycles after the surgery then start IVF. Now I am going to make sure they know about my surgery and we will be scheduled to start. Only thing that can delay this further is if they find something we currently don't know about once they do the surgery, but fingers crossed this will not happen. 
    good to have a back-up plan for you as well, I now wish we had done this surgery back at the beginning of September, but back then nobody told us how crappy NHS will be pushing the surgery back over and over again..
    So the next step for you is the 31st of Oct then and you will find out about the plan then?

  • Thanks Lacey Till and Ags.
    @Lacey Till sounds like everything is progressing as it should, also glad that the side effects have so far,  avoided you.
    @Ags99 So happy that you were able to get a  quick appointment even though it's private. Wishing  you a quick recovery after your surgery. And 🤞 that you get at least,  a preliminary ivf appointment b4 the end of the year. Since it usually takes  a while btw consent forms and actual treatment. 
    @Genabella it pays to be persistent with nhs. And as Ags said, good on you for having a back up plan. 
  • @Ags99 I’m so pleased you have a plan of action, I know all too well how difficult it is waiting on the nhs but so glad you have decided to push forward with your op privately. So when is your actual op date? 

    @giegie I feel like I’ve just shot myself in the foot by saying out loud I’ve had no side effects haha! They said hot flushes and headaches are the most common apparently. x
  • @Ags99 yes I have to repeat my day 21 bloods which falls on Halloween day, then The nhs people will review all the info and decide what we need Going forward. The nurse I spoke yo today  said that if we get the SA back and it’s ok again, then it Wallis explain that the first one may have been a fluke, and in that case we may need help with some medication, or IUI. If we need the IVF or ICSI then we will be sent back to the other NhS trust as they deal with all that stuff. So I guess it makes sense that if u don’t need full blown treatment it’s cuts the waiting times if they have a separate centre for that. Hopefully the results come back good and things aren’t as serious as we think. Either way I am keeping g the private app I made for the 27nov incase we haven’t gotten a follow up app with the nhs, although the nurse said also once the info is all gathered together the review and idea of treatment comes together quickly so the follow up app is usually within a few weeks. 

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