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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • @Flowers2412 I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Thank you for responding regarding symptoms. I think I end up reading so much about everyone else having loads of symptoms and end up like well I mustnt be pregnant then! Damn the tww 😂😂
  • @Tinyturnip thank you! However since my mc I’ve had those symptoms and still had af turn up, are body can mess us around a lot of the time, best of luck to you tho xxx
  • Morning all,

    Trying sorry to hear you've got so much going on. I hope that you get everything sorted with your health and cone back ready and fighting for TTC. We are all here as always. 

    Giegie hope everything going well with your embryos. Sending you all the positivity and luck. 

    Hope everyone else is good. 

    I'm 1doo. Didn't get much bding in this cycle at all. Was just shattered and didn't want to force it. 

  • Hiya ladies.
    did any of you chart ovulation straight after your miscarriage?? Just trying to figure out if ovulation before first period is common.

    Thanks x
  • Hi I didn't but I felt ovulation happen about 2.5 weeks after d&c so for me it happened first xxx
  • So around 8 days until AF is due to arrive and I am desperate for any symptom to reveal itself or to poas 🤦🏻‍♀️ god give me strength during this 2ww 🤣
  • Thanks trying that’s good to know as I’m 17 days post d and c and I swear I’m having ovulation symptoms. 
  • Jetty sounds about right then hunni AF arrived 15 days after which is normal for me.....hope she doesn't for you though and you get a bfp xxxx

    Hope the 2ww goes quick for you tiny turnip and for you sas and thanks sas your support means a lot as usual xxx

    Hope everyone else is ok? Xxx
  • jetty I felt ovulation about 2 weeks after mc and at arrived exactly 2 weeks after and it’s been the same ever since xxx

    Hope the tww goes quick and easy for you girls xxx

    trying hope you are well xxx 

    as for me still got af, me and oh had a talk today and he said he wants to make sure we bd 2/3 times a week which is nice to hear as before he just wanted to bd when we felt like it so half the time never felt like I covered myself in fertile window xxx 
  • @Flowers2412 I'll keep everything crossed the new approach works this time round for you. You'll have to keep us all in the loop as you go on ☺️ x
  • Good morning Ladies!

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. 

    Sas,  one BD can be enough if you time it right,  I personally always aim for 1day before O day. 

    Giegie, any update on the embryo? Will you have the transfer tomorrow? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  • Morning ladies, 
    Had my Embryo transfer this morning.  Unfortunately it was a very poor quality blastocyst. Asked why they would still transfer it, but was told there was still a slim chance so keeping my fx for a  miracle. My official testing date is the 18th, so will wait till then.
  • Giegie hunni I really hope you get your miracle all fingers and toes crossed xxx
  • Hi Giegie, 
    I have been thinking about you and your little embryo this weekend and have a feeling you have a little fighter inside! How does it feel? I bet you are excited!
  • Hi Giegie,

    Same as Flowers have had you in my thoughts. Have everything crossed for you and your little Embryo and going your tww goes quickly ❤️

    Hope everyone else is doing well. 

  • Giegie keep us posted! Wishing it all goes well and sending positive vibes your way! Hope you get your miracle ❤️
  • At least your TWW is actually shorter than 2weeks :) 
    Did you take time off work? Are you supposed to stay in bed or just take it easy?

  • Thanks ladies. 
    I'm actually on leave throughout this week so it worked out fine. Was told to just take it easy.

    My job interview today also went well,  so keeping my fx for that as well. 

    Sorry that I've been in my little bubble these past few days. Sorry that AF arrived for few of you ladies. 
  • Giegie no need to apologise you have your own life and things to deal with! Glad to hear your job interview went well and hopefully some more good news for you on the 18th when you test xxx

    as for me af has finished yesterday and oh has wanted to start bding already even though probably no chance I would ovulate straight after af 😂xxx
  • Flowers- lol at your OH. Looks like he's been patiently waiting for AF to go. He has agreed for twice a  week hasn't he? Nice.
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