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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • Trying, are you in the process of getting any assisted fertility treatment? How long have you been trying for when you went to the preconception appointment what happened?
  • I think you need to sit him down and explain how u feel. Has he had any testing done to check his fertility? Maybe it’s something playing on his mind 
  • Hi hunni that was the month I started ttc so just over a year ago, I need to wait till September as that will be 6 months since mmc and if not pregnant again I will go back and see what help I can get if any before time runs out xxx
  • The last time I spoke to him was b4 we fell pregnant he said he was ok with getting tests but then I fell pregnant and have not talked to him about it since . I will mention it again to next month in preparation for a GP visit Sept only not sure how much help we will get as already have a child??? Xxx
  • Trying, I’m so sorry to hear about what your going through with your OH. I agree with all the other lovely ladies, maybe there’s something else going on that your not aware of. But it’s unfair for you to be feeling this way. 
    Just wanted to show my support and say I’m thinking of you. I hope you manage to work things out. 
  • Thank you bigpiggy613 xxx
  • Seen this on insta earlier, and it rang true to me, maybe given the jist of the conversation here earlier. Good wee follow too for any of u on Instagram. 
  • Hi ladies, first time poster here but avid Forum reader. We haven't been TTC for long, I have had long term health issues (not fertility related) and have been on more medication for a condition than I care to remember but we finally agreed to start in May after feeling well and coming off meds.
    I'm almost at the end of the TWW with AF due Saturday and I just know that it's going to come. I have tested already and had a BFN every time. 

    How on earth do you cope with the anxiety of it all?! 

    Emmy x
  • Hi Emmy. Welcome to this mad house! 
    I think we all help each other out with that sort of thing. It is frustrating each month but I think it’s cause we all hear of so many people who fall pregnant by accident or after only one month trying, and we assume that as we’re doing the deed in the right time frame that it will 100% work, then it’s disappointing when it does t work. Stick with it and try not to stress to much, tho it’s easier said than done. 
  • Thanks Genabella

    You're completely right, so many people I know conceived straight away I think you just presume your body will work the same way. 

    We're trying to not put too much pressure on ourselves, although I'm tracking my cycles and trying to make sure we're as healthy and ready as can be. 

    I'm desperately trying not to test until the weekend when AF is due but my god it's hard to resist! I'm just thankful that my health has given me a break to the point where we can actually try after hoping to try for so many years. If we do manage it, a baby would be a long awaited missing piece to our lives together. 

    Thank you for the reassuring words x
  • Anytime doll! And with regard to not being g able to hold out until AF comes, someone on here told me once to think of it like everytime u pee on a stick it’s like peeing on a £10 note. 😱
  • Genabella said:
    Anytime doll! And with regard to not being g able to hold out until AF comes, someone on here told me once to think of it like everytime u pee on a stick it’s like peeing on a £10 note. 😱
    Good lord! I may have to remember that one! *Must refrain*!!! 🤪
  • Hey Emmy and welcome to the forum! I hope you find these amazing ladies as supportive as I have, this forum has been a life saver for me! Xxx

    ive been ttc for 14 months now and had a mc 7 months ago.
    As Genabella said is easier said then done but what I’ve learn is to is relax and enjoy the bding! I hope it happens for you very soon but if it doesn’t don’t worry it will eventually xxx

    hope everyone else is well xxx
  • Hello girls. Hope you are a good.

    Welcome Emmy, it's so hard to not obsess about TTC, try to distract yourself with a good game, exercise, binge watch TV.  We are here for you have any questions. Good luck. 

    OH finally spoke to receptionist at GP and they've advised him he needs to go in and speak about results with a GP as they are abnormal. She couldn't give any other information only that the GP had left a comment saying theym were abnornal and would like him to go in for a consultation to speak about it. They also want him to repeat. I don't know what to think! My oh seems ok about it at the moment. 

  • I'm sorry to hear that hunni and hope that it is not too bad and you get the help you both need be thinking of you xxxxx sending hugs xxxxx
  • Hi SAS, speaking from experience try and pay attention to your other half, might not happen right away, but it does hit them at one point. You don't know the exact results, what I did is that I told him finding out the reason for us not succeeding is good as we know now what is the best solution for us. Also told him it's a lot better to have an issue on the male side rather than on the female as I will have to be able to carry the child. 
    Also I am not sure if you're going to judge me for this, but I told the very few people who knows we are struggling that my HSG came back showing that one of my tubes is blocked. This is not true, but it was my decision to take pressure off him. 
    I can highly recommend Profertil pills, our motility went up from 29% to 40% after taking these for one course (3months).
    Plus I reminded him for ICSI we only need 5-10 sperm, so the low count will not be an issue at all (had 70million/ml).
    Hope this helps! 
  • Thanks @sas1101 trying to distract myself as much as I can. Sorry to hear that @Trying4number2now hopefully it's nothing serious and you can continue trying without worry x
  • Oh, and there is a silver lining btw, as we when we first went to the fertility clinic we were told our names will not be put on the list until August 2019 as we have not been trying for long enough. But when DH's results came back with low motility we were referred for IVF in June, and we have our first appointment for ivf on the 15th of August! It means we got there 2months sooner. 
  • Hubby had his conversation with the gp earlier. His hasn’t changed much since the first SA. He has a high enough count of 80million but the morphology is the issue. I’ve a phone app with my go on Tuesday l(it’s bank Hol here tomoro and mon) to see what we do from here. App the referrals bit is always done from the female side. 
    So now we wait. Hubby had his Accupuncture sat too so dying to see what comes out of that 
  • Hi @Genabella, do you know what the motility is? 
    So over there if there is a male infertility you don't get referred for IVF? Sorry if I am misunderstanding it.

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