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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • Hi ladies, thanks for your kind words. Ags I would definitely not judge you and completely understand. I suppose you're right that now we know there is a problem we can move forward and hopefully find a solution. We have our clinic appointment on the 24th July so we will just wait until then to discuss his results. He can't unfortunately get any time off work before that. I was thinking today and with the GP commenting with Abnormal...does that mean abnormal morphology. If it was low count would he have commented low. Sorry I'm rambling. Just trying to make sense of things. I will make an effort to pay attention to him. I know he bottles things up. I suppose it's the next step on our journey. 

    Gena, do you have to be referred as a couple? I hope you get it all sorted and your referral is done swiftly. 

  • Hi @sas1101, I don't think you should read too much into this, you'll find out tomorrow, right? Abnormal could mean anything that is different from the expected result. I'm trying very hard to remember, our morphology was 8% and I think we were told the results were abnormal as the motility was only 29%. Can't swear as it was a long time ago, but it did ring a bell when you said it.
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    Hi Ags, the doctor wants my oh to make an appointment to discuss the results with him face to face. As oh can't get any time off work until the 22nd we've decided to wait to discuss our results at the clinic on the 24th. So it a waiting game until then. Xx
  • sas1101 said:
    Hi Ags, the doctor wants my oh to make an appointment to discuss the results with him face to face. As oh can't get any time off work until the 22nd we've decided to wait to discuss our results at the clinic on the 24th. So it a waiting game until then. Xx
    So sorry to read this Sas. 13 days to wait!! Advising you not to worry is pointless (I would be), so pls be kind to yourself while you wait. And fx that hubby holds up until then.
    I guess the good news is that you now have an answer. And the better news is that there are solutions available.
    Massive virtual hugs hun.

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    Sorry u have to wait that long to find out Sas, everything around fertility and baby making is just one big waiting game isn’t it!
    We can get referred here for male or female factor infertility, but the referral is done via the females GP, so I’ve had to give hubbys health care no to my dr so they can put everything g together for the fertility specialist. His issue is morphology, which in turn affects the motility, if the swimmers aren’t streamlined they won’t swim properly or effectively. Not sure off the top of my head of the exact number for motility or morphology Ags1985
  • Thanks ladies. 

    Giegie how are you feeling? 
  • Hi Sas, generally feeling ok apart from the few mild cramps here and there. 
    On Monday, I had a small dose of ovitrelle (hCG - pregancy hormone) after the transfer to sustain a viable pregnancy  during the TWW until at least, the official test date. That's why I have been having some symptoms such as sore boobs (which usually eludes me) and cramps. So if I had tested then, pregnancy test will be positive.
    But I'm thinking that I should maybe, test the ovitrelle out of my system, so that when I eventually test next week, I will be sure that a BFP (fingers crossed) is actually a BFP, and not leftovers of the drug. 

    Have a great weekend all.
  • Hi Giegie,

    What my IUI buddy was doing during when we got Orvitrelle is that we took a HPT and saw the 2lines, then kept testing with cheapies for fun to see the line fade away. 
    Then after it fades it starts getting stronger and then you know for sure that it's the real deal! :)
  • Hi Giegie, 

    I am pretty new to this forum and this is my first attempt at IUI with fertility drugs (have tried natural IUI and have also had one pregnancy ending in miscarriage in October but recently found out i have PCOS). I took Femera (Letrozole) and did my trigger ovitrelle shot and then was inseminated yesterday. now inthe dreaded TWW. 

    What date will you be testing? I am going to try and hold off until at least the 22nd but i also know I am ridiculously impatient and like to set myself up for failure lol. 

    Sending baby dust to you xx
  • Ags- I've read stories where a lot of ladies do this. Just wonder at what point does one get 100% negative results after. Some say that it depends on the initial dose of ovitrelle and one's own body. 🤷🏽‍♀️.

    Kazam- so sorry for your loss.  Most of the ladies on here have experienced miscarriages and are supportive.  
    My test date is 17th, but 18th for bloods. I also don't want to test early for fear of detecting a chemical pregnancy. 🤞🤞 for you as well 
  • @Giegie good question, I didn't do it. Only tested when I was told to, but it wasn't easy.... However Wednesday is not far away now as the weekend is about to kick in, that'll fly away as always, then it comes down to counting hours instead of days ;) 
  • Good luck with everyone that is testing soon and everyone else in 2ww hope it goes quickly for everyone xxxx
  • I have to take a second shot of HCG on the 17th, do you know how long it may interfere with the outcome of a pregnancy test? I had actually not considered that before? Either way here is hoping for our sticky beans this month x
  • I got my BFN this morning. AF is due today so I guess its time to recoup, feel sorry for myself a little then get back to trying in a week's time. 

    Fingers crossed to all of you who are testing soon, I really hope there is some positive news x
  • Sorry u didn’t get ur bfp this month Emmy! 
  • Sending hugs your way Emmy. Be kind to yourself. X
  • Big hugs Emmy.
  • Thanks ladies x
  • Sorry Emmy hunni sending hugs xxx
  • Sorry to hear the Emmy. Keep your head up! Sending big hugs xxx
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