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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4 peeps, as the earlier thread has nearly reached the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Moved over here girls xxx
  • Moving over too. Xx
  • Thanks Danielle. 
  • Morning girls hope you are all ok! I need to have a rant 🙄 it’s been a year and a half since oh said I should come off the pill and try for a baby, but except he said we are “trying without calling it trying” so we don’t bd every 2/3 days or use opks or anything like that and although it worked once which ended in mc 7 months ago now I want to try harder so talked to OJ about it and he said no cos it will happen when it happens and now I feel like giving up cos I feel like I want it more then he does 😭 xxx
  • Flowers I completely understand I've also spoken to other half and he agreed to start taking some vitamins but then when I brought them home yesterday he said oh cant be bothered today will start tomorrow 🤬 they just dont get it do they xxxx
  • Honestly trying it’s put me down so much that I just feel like giving up! Af is due in 4 days so probably why I’m feeling extra emotional cos I just want to cry all the time and I have no patience for anything! Just thought we were both so happy when I was pregnant that why doesn’t oh want that again ASAP??? Xxx
  • Ah flowers i think we all get how u feel, we’ve all been here at some point in this journey. It’s only now that my hubby has fin lay started to get impatient and has started to do more, like cut is coffee and swapped to one decaff daily, cut out alcohol to only a glass or two at weekends, stopped eating certain foods and is taking any vitamin I buy him but I swear I could have strangled him a few times to get to this stage! 
    We went to see a private clinic and they gave him a list of dos and donts and he’s really trying with it. But would he listen to me when I told him to do all those things? 🙈
    i just kept saying fine do whatever u like but I can’t make a baby by myself. It’s so frustrating. He will come around eventually. Sending u hugs 
  • Guess I just got to be patient with oh and not keep pushing, 7 months since mc feels like forever 😭 thanks for the support girls it means so much xxx
  • We are always here hunni xxx
  • Just picked oh up from work and he said he had been thinking about and that we should try harder!!!! He was just worried cos he doesn’t want bding so turn into a chore which I understand, just so happy he actually had a thought about it and changed his mind! This is a miracle😂 normally hard to get through to him xxx 
  • That’s great news flowers, men are a strange breed 😂
    My hubby was alike that too for ages and then this month I was so exhausted on our last chance nite before he headed off for work I fell asleep, he was all “ we have to try harder no falling asleep, we both need to put in more effort”. He was right but it didn’t half make me laugh when I thought of him before saying the same thing as ur hubby. 
  • Hey I’m a newbie :)

    I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now and have never even came close. Until what I think may be this month. I was due AF on the 30/ 6/19 and am never late ( not that I can re call anyway). But for the past week my nipples ( not full breast) have been extra sensitive along with light cramps and a gurgling tummy. OH wants to test at the weekend. I hope this month is the month. Crossing everything that AF DOES NOT APPEAR eeeeek 
  • Hi heytherehun 
    welcome to the mad house! 🙈😂
    fingers crossed this is your month! Are you gonna try and hold out to the weekend? What cycle day are you on? 
  • Thank you Genabella 
    I’m going to try wait out til the weekend I think. If I can. AF could literally come at any time. I’m on CD33 but my cycle is usually 30/31 days. Sooo...... everyone can be a few days late occasionally though can’t they?
  • Evening girls,

    Welcome Heytherehun, fFC this your month. We've also all been a log TTC journey here so we will all be routing for you!!!

    Hi flowers, glad oh has come around. Bless him having a little think and letting you know what his worry was.  Men can be a funny bunch! FC the conversation wasn't  even needed and your bfp  is around the corner. 

    Hi Gena, how are you? Where are you in cycle? 

    Oh actually came in and knew we needed to DTD tonight for my fertile week. As I said men can be a funny bunch. He still has to be reminded about his supplements though. 

  • I’m doing good thanks Mrs. I’m cd25 today. Only dtd twice in fertile window this cycle, getting work done at home and it’s just exhausting lol I wasn’t fit! I prob should have laid there and thought of Ireland or something but I ceased sleeping before my head hit the pillow a few nites. We’re waiting on sa results coming back for hubby and to find out what happens next. I’m haven’t told him yet but I booked an Accupuncture app for him for this Saturday. This guy is meant to be great with fertility issues and stress, and my dear oh is always stressed so I’m hoping he will go and see what it’s like. 
    Hope your keeping well? 
  • I know the feeling of being shattered! I had a little chuckle of your 'lay there and think of Ireland' comment. It's so hard to get motivated sometimes especially when work gets in the way....but... It only takes that one time.
    I'm hoping my cycle is back on track after my long cycle last month. Stoped taking them awful Pregnacare so FC. Going to get oh to call the doctor's tomorrow to see if his SA is back. 
    You'll have to let me know how the accupuncture goes. Hopefully he'll enjoy it as well as fertility benefits. 

  • I must get mine to call too actually and see if his results are back. I’m hoping it gives him a “time out” as much as anything else, keep the stress levels lower.
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    Let me know how you get on lovely and I'll do the same. Xx
  • Will do. Off to water the plants before bed Ninite lovelies 
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