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Faint bfp frer but negative clear blue the day after

Hi, I’m a newbie to posting although I always read these forums! I tested yesterday 5dp5dt (I did a frozen transfer via ivf and tested 5 days after a 5day blastocyst was transferred) approx 10dpo.

I was not expecting anything but I got a faint positive so I did it again and this time the line was darker! (The second one on the pics) These were on frers. I woke this morning at 6am to test (only had clear blue early detection) but it looks like a positive. Maybe a super super faint positive but I think I might be kidding myself. Had this happened to anyone else? 


  • Just checked my clear blue again and I can see a faint line even clearer than before but worry this might be a false result because it is after the 10mins although it doesn’t look like an evap line. Here it is again with the frer from yesterday. What do you reckon? We have been trying for 3 and a half years, I’ve has 7 rounds of clinic and 3 fresh cycles of ivf and this is my second frozen attempt so  is so 5th attempt at ivf and I’ve never ever seen even a faint line before! 
  • They say a line is a line! People usually prefer frer tests because they’re better for early results. I’d take another one in a couple of days and it should be a clear result! I’ve never had even a faint line on a frer if I haven’t been pregnant, so I’m confident they’re very reliable X
  • Annnnd? was it a positive? Im having the same experience at this moment 8DPO :) 
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