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Help reading OPKs please :)

Hello ladies,

So this is the first cycle in being using OPKs and not too sure what's going on! I took one this morning at about 1030 and another at around 5:30pm but the results are totally different! I've also just noticed EWCM it's now 6:20pm. 

Is the morning result positive? I'm so confused lol the negative doesn't match up with the CM. I'm in CD 13 and my cycle is pretty regular, this will be my 3rd cycle off POP birth control. The darker test is from this morning.

Thanks for your help!


  • The morning one def could have been positive! The same thing happened to me. My morning one was super dark, but by afternoon it was light. I read that sometimes surges can only last a couple hours. I would take that as your positive, but I would keep testing OPKs for the next couple of days just to be safe and see if you get an even darker result 
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