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Was this a positive result

hi I assumed I was pregnant, kept getting faint lines on tests, then I had a period and have checked my test and this was present. I’m wondering if it was an early mc or if the line is just a dye run?


  • @Bek3107 hi! I did these tests really early on into my cycle. Mine came back the same as yours did.... then couple days later I tried another brand... all came back negative. Now two weeks later.... first response, clear blue digital and Asda own are all coming back positive for me (so I was actually pregnant? But tbh I have had false positives from the brand u have posted before. My advice? Test again in a few days with a different brand xxx
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    Right I did these and they look faintly positive to me? The first line showed up straight away🤷🏼‍♀️
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