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is it too early to know?

hi all I’m new here but after some advice. Me and my husband are trying to conceive baby number 1. I’m not due on my period until Monday but the last two weeks, since immediately after my fertile period, I have experienced the following.

- extreme boob tenderness all over
- heaviness to boobs
- nausea particularly around food 
- loss of appetite
- poor sleep and needing to wee about 3-4 times a night, I don’t usually need too.
- stomach cramping
- increased gas 
- bloating

I feel like I must be overthinking as surely it’s too early to even think these could be a sign of pregnancy? However I am hopeful and my husband seems convinced. I wish it could be next week already so I just know but I guess my question is is it possible that these could be super early signs? And have any of you experienced this?

thanks in advance


  • I had very early symptoms with my 2nd little girl you could try a early pregnancy test the first response ones you can do 6 days before you’re period is due x
  • Thanks Annie. I’m super hopeful for a positive and worry that taking an early test will only increase my risk of a negative. So in some ways would rather wait even though it feels like a lifetime. It’s really only another few days 
  • I no what you mean good luck x
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