Chemical pregnancy then positive again two weeks after bleeding

hi, I’m a little confused and hoping someone has some advice or has been in a similar situation. 

I got a bfp 11.07.19 followed by negative each day for the following week (I then stopped testing ) my doctor advised it was a chemical pregnancy. I then bled lightly and only old dark blood 20-23.07.19. 

I have been testing the last 7 days because I’m a little obsessed. All 100% negative. Today i have had two faint positives, one first thing in the morning one 6pm.

i don’t know what to think, is it a new pregnancy ? If so I could only be 2/3 weeks ? 

Any advice appreciated !!


  • Hi Rebecca - bit of a late reply to your message but I am in exactly the same boat! just got a bfp today after what I thought was a chemical pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. I can't tell either so Im either 2 weeks or 7 weeks depending on which cycle I conceived in. Personally for me I feel like I'm probably 7 weeks because my symptoms are getting a bit extreme now (bad sickness fatigue etc). 

    I suspect there is nothing either of us can do other than hope we keep strong lines and hope that the GP can get us in for an early scan?  

    I totally get the position you are in though - have you contacted your GP yet?

  • Hi Kelli,

    its horrible being in limbo isn’t it! I’ve my booking in appointment next Friday then I’ll get referred for a scan. I spoke to my midwife from a previous unsuccessful pregnancy and she said they will date your pregnancy from when you bled. So if your gp is unaware of your potential chemical I wouldn’t tell them. Might get you scanned sooner.

     I’m so tempted to go privately but if we are only a few weeks we won’t see anything ! X

  • It is dreadful! Now I’m doubting my BFP completely after last month when I had 3 days of BFPS then a BFN and bleed 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

    At least that isn’t too long to wait - can you get bloods drawn in the meantime? Unfortunately my GP already knows about the chemical as I had a bit of a melt down at him last week. I’m becoming the crazy TTC lady! 

    My cousin went for an early scan and it ended up confusing her even more as it was too early so I think waiting longer is better - although I know the waiting is horrible! So save the money and wait for the referral 😊

  • I got some cheap tests off eBay and I’ve been doing one each day and the lines been getting darker for over a week now. For the sake of £2 for 20 it’s worth it. It’s really hard not to obsess especially with the added confusion. 

    Lets hope we are further on and have really good scans ! 

    Keep me updated on how you get on x
  • Question. The original positive, and then the week of negative, were they all the same brand test?
  • Hi SBB52,

    They were yeah x
  • @RebeccaB23 which make are your cheapies? I’m using cheapies this month so I have the 10miu One Step test strips 
  • Mine are the same ! They all do the job so no point spending a fortune. Especially when you do as many tests as me 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m really interested to see the outcome for us both. If it’s new pregnancies or not and if we have the same outcome!

    Fingers crossed we both just have healthy pregnancies ! 
  • @RebeccaB23 ah brilliant - so was it the one steps you were getting your negatives on last week too? And have you got more BFP’s since you originally posted and are they getting stronger? I’m so glad to have someone’s to obsess over this with! Also have you had any pregnancy symptoms? Sorry for all the questions! 
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    Just saw that you said they were getting darker! Missed that before sorry!
  • No problem haha! Yeah I’m doing them each day. The control and test line are now equally as dark. I’m hoping that continues ! And yeah they’re the same tests. 

    Ive had 2 miscarriages before this and with them I never got a positive test until 5 weeks. So I just don’t believe I’m only a couple of weeks gone. I’m like you feeling sick and so tired. X
  • @RebeccaB23 I’m so sorry for your losses 💛 I’ve tested again this morning and got a stronger quicker result. In a way I am hoping we are both earlier than we think and that we’re getting nice early BFPs and super strong hcg at 2-3. But then also feeling like the chemical maybe wasn’t a chemical - I usually bleed for 7 days so perhaps the 3 day bleed I had was something else? Im just typing whatever is in my brain apologies for the mumbling! Hope your lines stay lovely and strong xxx
  • Thank you x

     Maybe my hormones didn’t rise quick enough with the others because there was an issue and this time is different? I just don’t know !

    thats great news over your tests ! Have you got your booking in appointment booked ? 

    Dont apologise about rambling were probably the only ones who know exactly how each other are feeling in this weird situation xxx
  • I'm still not convinced Im pregnant! It sounds silly but after last month until I'm testing positive for more than 5 days I don't think I'll believe it. I can't bring myself to call the doctor until I believe Im actually pregnant and that Im going to stay pregnant. Im so nervous because I was so upset last month that technically was 5wks and then the bleeding and negative test happened so I don't feel safe right now. Im torn between thinking Im like 2 weeks pregnant with an early test, 7 weeks with a late test and that actually I'm not pregnant at all and I am just MAD. Maybe I should just call the doctor I don't know?

    Thats what Im wondering - maybe this is a strong healthy pregnancy and we've got early positives because of that? With both chemicals I still seemed to get the faint BFP around 5 weeks so this is different for me too. With nearly two weeks until my super irregular AF due date this is going to be a rubbish TWW even with a 'bfp' for me. Im looking forward to your booking in appointment though even if I am scared to schedule mine!

  • It is tough and really emotionally draining + pregnancy hormones. Not fun! I would book in if I was you because there’s usually a couple of weeks wait for the booking in appointment and if your situation changes then you can cancel it. But if all goes well you want your scan! They don’t go anything much at the booking in just take your details down. 

    I know exactly what what you mean I’m still not convinced I’m pregnant. Until I see a scan I won’t be convinced ! Xxx
  • I guess this is when I should be doing my best to meditate and chill out - I'm going to focus some energy on winding down and de-stressing now. I shall try to be a little island of calm for this bean to cling to. Deep breaths and all that 😂 

    I'm wondering about doing a clear blue tonight so I'll talk to my OH when he gets back and call doctor tomorrow. Lets home in the next few weeks we'll be able to show each other a good scan! xxx

  • I did not chill! I went to the pharmacy and just got this...

    Happy to take that as BFP so I'll call the doctor tomorrow! Now I wonder how far along we both are?! Still trying not to get excited but thats the strongest line I have ever seen in my life!
  • Congrats Kelki!!! I have zero chill as well 😂 
  • Ahh yay! That’s brilliant. So happy for you. Can’t get clearer than that. Sometimes it’s worth just testing again to put your mind at ease. We’ve got this 💪🏻 xxx
  • Thanks! If you fancy buddying up for some virtual company whilst we await our scans then let me know-  my mind is at rest at present but I'm really wondering how the two of us will be dated now! xxx We absolutely positively got this! 🙌 xxx
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